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Splitter Photoshop request, Eltech custom order

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Hey howdy hey!

I'm exploring an avenue with Eltech to make me a custom splitter, and be the first in the world before they launch, but I need your help! 

I love the new 410 style with the built in winglet on the side, but dont like the rounded front, so I'm proposing the "old" style front and need someone to help photoshop it together for us.

Unfortunately Matteos English isn't the best so I'm having a hard time making sure he understands what I'm after. I've got two pics which you can use as a base to see what I want to achieve, but obviously appreciate you might need different angles.

Just to reiterate, I want the "M" (or W) style middle section of old and the flicking side of new! 



Good luck guys and gals, I hope we can whack something out and create a great product too!





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Is Matteo working on a the rounded front version then, and the m/w profile is a modification? Would be interested in that will drop Matteo a line

Since moving to an extended splitter I couldn't imagine going back to the wobbly fronted version (sorry I know not not what you asked 😃)

Do you have a front down view of the newer splitter, that would make the photoshop easier?

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I don't know what he's working on hahaha he said my version would be ready around Feb as he needs to make moulds etc

I dont like the rounded front, looks like an afterthought to me whereas the wobbly looks like it follows the bodywork.

Sadly all I have is this from top down, otherwise I have nothing :(


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This image should give Matteo what he needs.

Taken from parts diagrams and chopped up,  because I'm not going to be doing shading n stuff 😁



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Thanks bud :) All sorted. Matteo is working out a price and will have an answer tomorrow hopefully. I'll let you know what it came to, should someone in the future want one before they go live on their site - if they do!

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