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Very new revised 220 or slightly older 250 Cup


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Hey all, I’m struggling to pick between a MY17.5 220 Sport and a slightly more expensive (and pretty well spec’d) MY17 250 Cup. 

I guess the ultimate question is just how big of a difference does that newer exhaust and gear linkage make? If I could afford a 17.5 Cup I’d likely be going for that so I’m pretty slept down the middle at this point. 

The 220 is spotless, not a colour I’d personally pick on a new car but not a problem. The 250 is a little older but seems in good condition and has a lot of extras (hardtop, cruise control etc). Comically the 250 seems cheaper to insure, I guess I could do something with the gear linkage in the 250 but could also add the Cup aero to the 220. And around and around I go. 

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I cannot comment on the exhaust, but the updated gear linkage is a big improvement to me.  Depending on your planned usage, the hardtop could be worth having.  If possible, drive both cars and see which you prefer.

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I believe the Cup Aero is seriously expensive - and rare to find - https://classifieds.the

Personally I always go for a higher spec car but older over a new lower spec.
The insurance is cheaper, which if you man math it, could reduce the overall cost.
Speaking from V6's - the updated linkage from the S to the 350+ range was well worth having, as it can be improved on the S with a lot of fiddling but never quite as good, and costs a bomb to get right.

Regarding colour, it's important, as its not an easy " oh I'll just change that later "

Do some serious maths and work out what the total difference in cost is, then work out what the bonuses cost separately and go from there.


As I said, I'd go for the higher spec if I could, but doesn't the Cup have the upgraded linkage already? or did they improve it again?

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The open gate change didn't make it to the Elise until the 17.5 facelift. Before you discount the 17 Cup you should drive it and see what you think about the gearchange, it will probably be absolutely fine. Both cars will have some advantages over the other - gearchange and noise in the 220, everything else in the 250. The 250 will also have the gorgeous carbon sports seats, but you need to try them as not everybody seems to fit or be able to get comfortable.

I think you'll always slightly regret it if you don't buy the Cup as it's the car you really want. Also check what warranty the Cup has, I'm not sure what the MY17 Cup came with, but my 17.5 Cup only has two years rather than the normal three.

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I had this choice.

I chose the my17.5 sport220 and don’t regret doing so.

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My 2p.....

In the Elise the open gearchange makes little difference - the 'older' setup is perfectly precise and slick (different story in the V6 Exige).

I wouldn't buy a car that I didn't like the colour of, it might grow on you but more likely it will bug you forever.

If you put the aero on the 220 it still won't be a Cup and you would need to tell your insurer about your mods.

The Cup will hold its value better than the 220 and will have already taken its big 'new car hit'.

You can add a fruity exhaust to the Cup although again the insurance would need to know.

As a 2017 car the Cup may have only had a one year warranty from new, at best it's two years - depends when it was registered in 2017. However, if it's bought from a dealer your consumer protection rights give you a lot of power should something go wrong. The 220 will of course have a no nonsense 3 year Lotus warranty.

If you like and really want the look of a Cup it's a no brainer for me - buy the Cup!



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