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My Thanks To Everyone

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now things are becoming clearer and im slowly learning more day by day of what actually went on its dawned on me how do i thank them all????

i did think about doing it one by one via pm but thats so impersonal so i have decided to do a one for all thread and spread the love across everyone :)

what happened saturday will live with me forever and will always bring a tear to my eye when i think about it.

it was good to meet some new people at combe and some that i had met before at donny, its always a pleasure to speak with you all and share esprit experiences.

so much seemed to happen all at once and im still trying to organise the days events in my own head and this will take time. faces to names, names to faces, things said and tales told, so much to remember and sort.

i would like to thank every single person involved in making this happen, what you all did was above and beyond.

my speech on the day was from the heart, i had nothing written down so i had to sum everything up from day one of joining as clearly and quickly as i could, and the stammers didnt help and turned a 5 min speech into a half hour one!! but thats ok.

everything i said in that speech is how i see things here being a member of this forum, and family of members.

as i siad "im proud to be part of this family and im proud of you all" i stand here and in my own way applaude you all again time and time again.

so from the very bottom of my heart i would like to thank every person here who had anything to do with this in any shape or form.

i look forward to presenting the lotus at every chance of a show or meet i goto from now on and i will continue to promote this forum whereever i go.

thank you all for making this so special for kelly & myself. :heart: :):) :heart:


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Aww... shucks dude......

You trying to make everyone cry again....!!!!!

Was all a pleasure as far as I'm concerned and would do it all again without a moments hesitation.....

Enjor her, I may well pop up unnanounced on my bike, so make sure it stays pretty and shiny at all times.....


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Chunky Lover

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Si, thank you.

i have to say though, the last 5 weekends with everyone has been so much fun for me, it was certainly not a chore, just a pleasure :)

Happy Hooning :)

hey, just realised, you have took my crown for owning the most photographed car! bugger :)


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ENIGMA for those who are paranoid or download one :)



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Just to confirm I couldn't lose! Got so much back in the social side down in Cardiff had a whale of time. The whole experience lives with me for ever!




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Couldn't agree more matk - learned a lot, laughed a lot, and enjoyed it all.

Enjoy the car Si,


2009 World Singstar Champion

No I don't like the Europa, Evora or Exos.

"Like a cockmonkey with 3 cocks."


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Come on Si, tell us how many times you've washed her since last weeked :whistle:

Paddle Faster, I hear Banjos!
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It was a pleasure working on your car at simons for the few days i had spare and the and as troy said in another thread i did keep turning up after the constant abuse, and jibes about been a toy boy, but all was fun and i think i can claim to be the youngest person to work on your car (i think correct me if iam wrong) have fun big man hope to meet you someday. Johnny 5.

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Guest Guest_colin_*

I just read your news article on the BBC News Website and it has brought a tear to my eye during my lunch-break. Well done to all at the Forum for such a fantastic effort. :wallbash::welcome:

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Guest Guest

Fantastic job by all concerned and a testament not only to Simon in being so respected by the community, but also to human nature that so many were happy to devote so much time and effort to support him.

The good news story of the year so far!

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Guest Gemma

Reading this brought a tear to my eye :) It really is amazing how nice some people are!! Congratulations to you all. You should be proud of yourselves xx

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Guest Guest

Hi all :)

Greetings from Down Under - yes, word has spread this far south!

Congratulations to you Simon and your amazing friends & fellow members of this forum. A wonderfully heart warming tale I have to say. Here's to many years of enjoying the efforts of their love & labour.

Oh, and what a relief it was to hear that it was a car worth restoring LOL lucky you weren't into Morris Marinas Simon :)

Cheers, Dishan.

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