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"Illuminated" Headlight Switch

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Hi all,

Looking for a little assistance. I've received a new "compatible" headlight switch for my '84 Turbo Esprit (USA model) from SJSportscars (Thanks guys), works fine & looks identical, (did have to transfer over from the smooth toggle to the serrated/lined one to match the other original switches) however, the "illuminated" portion is not there, simply no "green" translucent screen to allow the wonderful little light to shine through the little headlamp picture, boo :(  Correct me if I'm wrong, but from doing more & more online searches, it appears that Lucas no longer makes these exact ones. It sure would be nice to possibly get either a NOS piece if it's out there or a good clean one from a wrecked Esprit of the same model/year etc., please tell. I am currently attempting to cut out the blank piece & place the original green see through one in it's place, but I fear it won't be to immaculate standards, I'm pretty handy but just not that good :)  Thanks

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It's been no luck so far in finding replacement window lift or hazard flash switches however there are headlamp switches, as you have found. These things are an interesting assembly of bits and it is possible to swap sections between the types up to a point. For your headlamp items I suggest moving your new guts and old lever over to the original casing. If doable that should give as new reliability with the lit function window in operation. Isn't it the casing where the lit symbol is to be found?


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Yes sir, you're correct about using old symbol which was no problem removing seeing it's designed that way (which I've done) I've already transferred the new guts ( works great) however, the casing where the symbol is to go on new one needs cutting to accommodate the original symbol ...well...... my interior is near mint, & I'm just looking at my 1st cut & it's not perfect. 🤣 It'll do, but just not perfect.😏 Basically from your picture above where it says "lights" mine has a "lamp", so I've removed that from original casing & began to cut out a square hole to put that lens into. Again, it works, but if you look very closely it has a nick & it doesn't sit tight, will probably dab some black silicone & McGiver it a little ....we'll see, in the meantime I'm hunting for the unobtanium "like new" use one ...he he (good luck right?) 😝

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It's the plastic pin things with a spring attached that gave up on mine, they distorted slightly with heat from the contact over time. I swapped some pins over from a different switch and all good ever since.

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