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Hi everyone

I have a 1982 Elite S2.2 and I get a lot of condensation in the boot area.  I have taken all the carpets out and checked for water ingress, but non apparent.  Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do to solve the issue.  Also is the boot seal supposed to be in one piece and go all the way round?  Mine is in two pieces with small gaps either side by the lock assembly.



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Hi David,


I have a similar problem on my S2.2. I've found the following problems that need fixing:


1. Water may be entering via the hinge & wiper attachments to the glass - will cut some flat rubber to fit for a better seal.

2. Sealing strip won't stay on the lip - I have a new one from SJ but that's even more difficult to fix! When it is warm enough, I plan to use some gorilla glue with the seal clamped in place for a permanent repair. I believe the 'join' should be at the top by the wiper, by the way.

3. The stainless surround fills with water which leaks out on one side when the tailgate is opened. This could also be leaking into the boot in heavy rain. Apply clear silicone sealant around the outside glass/trim edge and the corner pieces.

4. Check the drain holes and tubes in the tailgate gutter are intact and watertight - they are easily damaged.

5. Check the drain holes in the compartments either side of the boot are clear.


6. Don't leave it out in the rain!

ATB Richard

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