Federal # 001

Car number 001 was presented to Mario after winning the F1 Championship in 1978.

This is Mario's other JPS car!

Chassis Number ?????????

Engine Number ????????????

??? miles (October 1997)

Editor's note: Keith Work has provided some additional background on the presentation of Mario's Commemorative Esprit. His report is below:

I have been doing a little sorting and came across this picture (see above), so I thought I would email it to you for the JPS Esprit register.

There has been some confusion regarding the presentation of car # 1 to Mario having been at Jamestown Motors rather than at Lou Mirabelle's in Long Beach.

In the picture from that nite in 1979 it can be seen that the sign behind Colin and Mario is welcoming them to Jamestown Motors.

As we look at the picture, to the right of Colin, standing back in the corner wearing the dark blue suit and wild grey hair is Lou Mirabelle. Lou was a minor partner in Jamestown Motors and acted as Sales Manager. After Lou sold his share to Bob James, the major partner, Lou moved into an old car dealer building a block down Long Beach Blvd. and set up his own dealership Lou's Motor Center / Lou Mirabelle Lotus Center.

Standing between Lou and the camera, removing the car cover from the fabled car, is Barry Salmon. Barry was a Lotus factory sales department guy who was on loan to the factory owned importer, LNA. (Lotus North America ) that was based in Costa Mesa, CA.

Standing to the left of Mario, third down after the man in the lite jacket and the blonde lady, is a young man in light slacks and a dark leather jacket. This has to be one of Mario's sons - perhaps Michael?

Context...... I worked at LNA with Barry and Arnie Johnson. I later worked for Lou at his small dealership. I visited Jamestown numerous times in the late 70's and early 80's. I do not know who took the photo that nite. It could have been someone from the local newspaper, or someone associated with Lotus.

The car presented to Mario that nite was not the real # 1, but was one of the cars from LNA's warehouse that got the stick-on gold numbers near the gas caps changed for the occassion.. The numbers got changed back after the car was back at the LNA warehouse. I can't tell you which car that was. The car that Mario ended up with.... the real # 1 , was going directly from Hethel to him. We never saw it thru the normal channels at LNA.


Keith Work.

Kieth's note confirms the "rumour" that the car presented formally was not actually the genuine Federal 001. The car formally presented to Mario was actually #002 and he had it for some time until the #001 was ready for him. To learn more about this story see James Strickland's car Fed #002.

Additional information confirms the story that "real 001" (as opposed to the one presented formally) 001 was a domestic spec car (possibly #016 with added modifications) that was shipped to Mario without fanfare. This is the car that he (and later Michael) drove for several years and was later given to Mario's manager. The last rumoured location of the car was with an unknown used car dealer in Colorado. The car has dissapeared since then. Any tips as to the car's current whereabouts would be appreciated.

Bob Metz reported the following information:

US commemorative #001 sat for at least a year in the showroom of Tapp's Garage in Denver, six or seven years ago (i.e. around 1994). It was owned by one of the brothers, Jim Tapp, who took it on a mechanic's lien. After a long time on their floor, Jim sold the car to a Japanese owner, to whom it was shipped. This occurred at least five years ago.

Bob's knowledge of the car came from a friendly relationship with Jim while he had a '78 S.2 with retrofitted Dell'ortos. Since the JPS commemorative came into the US with Dell'ortos, Bob got Jim's permission and partly disassembled one of the carbs in his showroom to find out what was wrong with his. Bob noted the car had #001 in the laurels on the flanks, and Andretti's "signature" on the windshield. It had all the other trappings of the JPS commemorative.

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