Federal # 024

Chassis Number 79040152T

Engine Number AD907790416251

mileage 81,000

Bill Writes:

I've owned this car for almost 12 years now. I average about 2000 miles a year, including all the times of extended "No-Lotus" times. At the time of purchase, I believed this car to be JPS No. 009, but that notion has been proven false, as apperently No. 009 was consumed by fire. I currently believe that it may be car No. 24, 25, or 26, unless this was a special-ordered car, which can be out of sequence. For example, chassis number 154T was built two cars after mine, but sports No. 100. If you have any information that would be helpful in the determination on my JPS serial number, it would be appreciated.

My Lotus has the JPS steering wheel, gold inserts in the seats, badges on bonnet, deck, and dash, but does not have any of the decals associated with the JPS. The wheels are aftermarket Epsilon wheel, which were already on the car when I purchased in 1990. This is one of 8 Lotus's built for the Calfornia market, but does not have any of the stock emissions on it. It has twin Weber 45 DCOE carb and electronic ignition (great improvement). It has a 4-2-1 stainless steel exhaust from Dave Bean, with catalyc converter, mainly to keep the noise down. I've also wrapped the exhaust with header tape, which helped reduce the noise, but also really reduce the underhood temperature. The exhaust still has a healthy note, and on a good day, I can set off three car alarms in the parking garage.

During its time with me, I've worked on just about everything, at least once, including carbs, head (twice), transmission, interior, ignition, front end, fiberglassing the air air scoop (multiple times), a fire (the extinguisher did more damage than the fire), and a couple trips home on the back of a tow truck. Currently, I'm working on a new front bumper, and hope to write an article for the Lotus Log newsletter. Although my memory sometimes gets fuzzy on how to do stuff after an extended period, I am still willing to offer up information and words of wisdom from many years of Lotusing.

I've never come up with a good vanity plate idea, and don't know that I would want one, but I have a custon-made license plate frame that states "My other car is a Grand Am". The Grand Am is no longer living here, but my Lotus shares garage space with a 1973 Mustang convertible and a 1975 Caprice convertible.

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