Federal # 027

Chassis Number ???

Engine Number ??

39K Miles (November 2000)

Andrew N. Bobro bought this car from Phillip Millar in summer 2006.

I asked Phillip about his car when he originally purchased it. His response follows:

You want me to talk about my car? (I almost hear my wife uttering, "oh no!") I have found out that my car was originally imported by a Lotus/Rolls dealer in Atlanta GA, in late '79. After sitting for a couple of months on the showroom floor, one of the co-owners of the dealership bought the car for his personal collection. In '83 he sold the car to Mel Richardson of Atlanta GA. While Mr. Richardson owned the car, he swapped the Stromberg Carbs with Webers and the exhaust manifold with headers. Everything else remained stock. I bought the car from him in spring of '98 with 63.5K Kilometers (39K miles).
This is my dream car. I was a Valet through most of my higher learning experience and was able to "test drive" many exotic cars (don't ask how - just don't valet your car!). Lotus' were always my favorite. This was due to the rarity of Lotus seen, their ravaging good looks, and great handling. Of all Lotus', I was (and still am) always attracted most to the early Esprits for their crisp lines and steep angles. Believe it or not, but it wasn't until I was seriously looking to owned an Esprit that I realized that it was a James Bond car. So no, I am not some British spy want-to-be.
When I got the car, it was in pretty good repair but did need all the things one would expect with a 20 yr. old car. Since I've had it, I have pulled the engine and rebuilt everything on the front end and replaced all the gaskets on the top end with new. I have rebuilt the brakes, the clutch, replaced the wheel bearings, and changed all the rubber or plastic hosing with stainless steel. I plan on replacing all the rubber in the suspension over the next year and upgrading to Koni shocks. I have also just acquired a Rover 3.9L V8. I have been playing around with the idea of swapping the 907 engine with the 3.9L. The Rover engine is lighter, smaller, and has the potential of putting out over 300 hp. And I would be able to keep the 907 well preserved. I know that many purists would bristle at the thought of a V8 in a S2 and many more would just scoff at me being another American who needs his high horse power and 8 cylinders. But my plan is to keep it as British as possible. I have heard that Lotus offers a cylinder head that will work with the 3.9L block. I have also learned that there is an individual in England who offers a swap kit. So we'll have to see - all of this would take money and time, two commodities that I seem to lack.
I have mostly used the car to hold my jack-stands to the garage floor and to filter clean Red Line transmission fluid before depositing on to the ground below the Auto. Other than that, I have enjoyed time trailing it at several race tracks around Mid-Western United States and attending a few autocrosses. Other enjoyments include touring around the Mid-West with the car, answering the long list of typical Lotus owner questions, and convincing co-workers that I really don't make more than them.


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