Federal # 031

Chassis Number ???

Engine Number ??


Frank Pusateri Owner of 79 JPS Commemorative #031, purchased it from Chuck Meyers in September 1997. It has been recently repainted black.

Frank made and applied the new decals himself with a little help from a local sign shop, for the cutting and the high performance vinyl. He traced the world champion letters off Bob tufts car, then made a master copy for the cutting. The strait striping used 5' strips of 3/16 inch and 7/8 inch vinyl.

The front and back panels go to a continuous point so he had to cut those sections. He also added a wind shield decal designed on his computer. It reads MARIO ANDRETTI EDITION in gold letters. The car Looks great!!. Frank reports that Bob Tufts couldn't believe how close to the original it looks. Frank also made a replica of Mario's JPS bell helmet For display at car shows.

This is Frank's car before he applied those JPS decals.

Is that your "winter-beater" car Frank?

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