Federal # 040

Chassis Number 79060183S (Build Date is 6/79)

Engine Number HD907790616573

33,258 miles (September 2012)

Rich and Peg purchased this car from Art Mason. Welcome to the Flowers into the world of JPS Esprit ownership. Art was one of the original boosters of the JPS Esprit register and was forced to sell his car due to changes in his circumstances. I hope he will be "back" in the JPS Esprit game some day soon.

Art believes this is one of the lowest mileage JPS Commemorative cars in the US. The car is an all original US spec car bought new (by it's original owner) from Foreign Motors West in Boston, Mass in 12/79. It still has the original Zenith-Strombergs on it, and even the emissions equipment is still in place and working. Judging from the photos supplied by Rich, the car is in great shape!

Art Mason noted an interesting tidbit on serial # 's vs. Commemorative #' s. Bob Tuft's Chassis serial no. is exactly 7 digits higher than Art's (Art's is 183S, Bob's is 190S)....and his car is numbered exactly 7 digits higher, too..... Art's is # 040, Bob's is # 047. Maybe this means that as JPS cars came off the line, they were numbered in sequence with commemorative badges/numbers,...for at least part of the run, anyway.

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