Federal # 046

Chassis Number 79060189S

Engine Number HD907700616571

17,000 miles (Oct 2001)

Al Zelt bought this car on August 15, 2001. He writes: The car is running great and now has 17,000 miles. Everything is in working order and after driving it anything else feels like a kiddy car. I have done some work on it to ensure everything is correct including the following. New (old stock) radiator, hoses (coolant, vacuum and gas), I rebuilt the water pump and moved the pulley so one belt runs both alternator and water pump, R&R cam housings and adjust valves, New plugs and wires, New radio and speakers, adjust heater /AC controls, a few new switches, rebuild clutch cylinder, clean and polish and Remove mouse nests from years of storage. Please find attached some pictures to use as you see fit. I can not believe how well the car handles and responds. In addition the ride is surprisingly comfortable. Regards, Al Zelt

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