Federal # 047

Chassis Number 79060190S

Engine Number HD907-79-06-16591

46,000 miles (October 1997)

Well, it took me 11 years, but I'm back in the JPS fold, as I just bought my friend Bob Tufts' Fed # 047. This is a cool car for me to own, since not only did it belong to a friend, but it was the first JPS Esprit that I saw in the flesh over 20 years ago at a show that Bob had attended with it.

Art Mason

Bob Tuft was the 3rd owner and purchased it in May '87 with 17K mikes on odo (currently 46K miles). He has all orig parts, but has converted to Euro distributor spec, Dellortos, and Dave Bean SS headers & exhaust. Future mods: 9.5/1 pistons, 107 cams & lightened flywheel.

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