Federal # 049

Chassis Number 79060192S

Engine Number ??

???? miles (December 1997)

Phil owns Federal car 049, and has done for almost four years. It was in need of some work when he purchased it, mostly cosmetic, so he inquired about the availability of the special graphics at that time. When he bought the car, he purchased a full set of decals, badges, etc. for the car from Miles Wilkins of Fibreglass Services in England, planning for the time when the mechanical refurbishment would be completed and the respray would be done. The decals et al were not cheap, but the wouldn't be right without them. I was just glad they were available. He doesn't know if they still are available. Miles' phone number was 011 44 0243 554422 the last time phil checked. He was (is) a classic Lotus dealer and he advertises in the Club Lotus magazine, amongst others. Phil descirbes him as a great guy! Phil bought his car from George Thomas March of Annapolis, Maryland in January, 1994. George had bought it at auction about six months previously, but it's history before that is unclear. He believes that it was sold new by a dealer in Virginia Beach, Va and stayed in Virginia for awhile. It is a Federal car with Stromberg carbs and no catalytic converter, and it has a plate on the driver's door jamb with an emmisions waiver number on it. Phil is curious to know if this is unusual?

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