Federal # 056

Chassis Number 79070199T

Engine Number ??

26,000 km (July 1988)

Raymond Robinson is a fellow Canadian living in Alberta. He bought the car in 1985 and has done some minor modifications to improve performance. One obvious change he has made is to upgrade to 15 inch wheels which he tells me has solved the harmonic vibration problem so many series 2 Esprits have at 100 kph. The car looks great to me with the new wheels. He has done some fairly extensive research into the chassis numbers and commemorative numbers and I will be posting some of his findings on the register.
Thanks Raymond.
BTW, Raymond has three front and one rear JPS wheels for sale ($300.00 each) as well as a Lotus authentic dash facia in black leather ($800.00).

This is a good shot of the stock JPS interior.

The 15 inch wheels look very modern Raymond! Nice bumpers too!

This engine is way too clean.

Raymond obviously takes his car to the track. (In this case Portland Internationl Raceway)

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