Avanade are one of the many technology companies involved in delivering the business side of F1 with the Lotus F1 Team. Attaining top speed and performance on race-day Sunday are pivotal to the win, so continuously seeking improvements from Monday to Saturday – no matter how small – can make the difference between wane and gain.

This three-year collaboration between the companies, which began in May 2012, has already seen Avanade accelerate Lotus F1 Team’s success. Utilizing the Microsoft platform, the time it takes to develop and deliver components to the racetrack has been cut dramatically, and the team’s communications are now more agile than ever. Avanade is using analysis to optimize performance and reduce lead times – giving the Lotus F1 Team the competitive edge for pole position.

Avanade are therefore in a great position to give us Lotus F1 fans an insight into aspects of running an F1 team you’d never usually see.

Read more in their e-zine ‘Data Driven‘ <- click the link to open in a new window.


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