The day before the first practice session of the Malaysia Grand Prix gets underway, and LRGP went en masse to visit the headquarters and factory of Proton, the automobile manufacturer and parent company of Group Lotus.

With Vitaly, Bruno and leading members of the LRGP team visiting the factory, Proton welcomed us with open arms. The visit to the plant included 3D screenings, viewings of the latest and future Proton cars and a fascinating look behind the scenes at the factory floor of one the leading automobile companies.

As Team Principal & Managing Director, Eric Boullier said: “All the people here at Proton have given us a very, very warm welcome and it was actually really interesting to share this visit with them and to experience the core of the activity whilst we’re here in Malaysia. What was clear to see above all else were the impressive facilities here, and quite how much Proton is expanding.”

For the team, the highlight of the tour was seeing the future Proton cars in the plant’s Styling Milling Studio.

“We were lucky enough to be a part of the secret of the next models, which are going to be released soon. I think Proton is taking another step up (with these cars) and the public can expect something very, very nice.”

So, watch this space then.

After a few meet and greets for the drivers, a spot of lunch was next with some of the company’s lucky competition winners. Before heading off for the Sepang Circuit, the drivers were called in to sign a few more autographs and pose for a few more photos. With a queue half the length of the building, their popularity was clear for all to see.

It’s tough being famous, boys!

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