Team Lotus have cancelled plans to adopt a black & gold colour scheme on their cars for the 2011 F1 season. Following news that Group Lotus have bought out Renault and will be campaigning black & gold cars under the ‘Lotus Renault GP’ banner next year, Team Lotus’s Team Principal Tony Fernandes said:

Whether they copied us or we copied them that’s beside the point now. The point is what makes sense. Having two Lotus brands on the grid I think is no issue. having four black cars looking the same I think is silly and one has to relent. We’re not childish and emotional and saying ‘Oh no, we’ve got to be black and gold’. We’re pragmatic.

The team had engaged fans recently by asking for there ideas on the layout of the new colour scheme and Tony Fernandes has announced on his twitter account that they will produce a black & gold show car and will start a new competition based on the green & yellow colours.

Our recent poll shows that the 2 teams are currently neck and neck for supporters next year, what are you thoughts on the ongoing battle? Please feel free to comment below.

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