For thousands of people all around the world, the need for speed is something that they can now have satisfied online. Yes, your favourite online bookmakers and online casinos now offer all the motor racing action you desire at the click of a button. Whether Formula 1, speedway or motorbike racing, you too can put the vroom into your bankroll in mere seconds.

For those who are new to sports betting, motor racing is a great place to start. This is because there are no special skills required, the sport is easy to understand, and the rewards are pretty much instant. There are two ways you can bet on an event; either on the driver that will win, or the brand of the car/bike. When betting on a specific driver it is called outright betting, and there are usually about 22 f1 drivers to choose from. This year’s front runners are Vettel, Alonso and Raikkonen, with current odds of 10/11, 10/3 and 6/1 respectively at William Hill Sports. When betting on a brand it is also called outright f1 betting, but it relates to an external competition called the Constructors Championship. Nearly everyone has heard of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, yet other contenders include Lotus, McLaren, Force India, Williams, Sauber and more.

To make things even more interesting, motor racing is held nearly all year long with only a short break at the end of year period. The f1 competitions start in March and are kicked off at Melbourne Australia’s famous Albert Park. The city is truly buzzing at the time, not only with excitement but of all those fast cars! The competition then continues on across Asia, Europe and eventually the United States, making for some amazing tracks and a dynamic schedule to keep you entertained. Some of the countries you will see the f1 grand prix reach include Malaysia, Spain, Canada, Italy, Britain, Germany, Hungary, India and Brazil.

F1 betting is one of the best ways to enjoy this riveting sport. In addition to earning some easy cash, you might also get to learn about the secrets to good motor racing, such as aerodynamics, cornering, KERS, race control and race strategy, to name a few. So if the growl of an engine gets you going, be sure to head over to your online bookmaker’s to place a bet and take part in one of the world’s most popular sports today!




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