A spectacular family day out, including ALL the historic Team Lotus F1 racing cars, Trulli & Kovalainen AND the current T127, ALL the Lotus road cars PLUS a full race programme and attractions for all the family.

Classic Team Lotus, in association with Lotus Cars, Lotus Racing, Lotus on Track and Motorsport Vision, present an unprecedented bonanza of Team Lotus history, Lotus sports cars, Formula One and ultra competitive racing action.

Classic Team Lotus Pavilion; 35 different Lotus Formula One cars over 37 years.


One of every Team Lotus F1 design type, in grid formation; for the first time ever.

A spectacular family day out, including ALL the historic Team Lotus F1 racing cars, Trulli & Kovalainen AND the current T127, ALL the Lotus road cars PLUS a full race programme and attractions for all the family.

Classic Team Lotus, in association with Lotus Cars, Lotus Racing, Lotus on Track and Motorsport Vision, present an unprecedented bonanza of Team Lotus history, Lotus sports cars, Formula One and ultra competitive racing action.

Classic Team Lotus Pavilion; 35 different Lotus Formula One cars over 37 years.

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One of every Team Lotus F1 design type, in grid formation; for the first time ever.

Lotus Racing to present its 2010 F1 challenger the T127; UK public debut

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Drivers Heikki Kovalainen, Jarno Trulli and Fairuz Fauzy ON TRACK!

Full day of racing action, including the Elise Trophy and Lotus Cup Europe

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Lotus Cars presentation of full model range: Evora Cup, GT4 2-Eleven, new Elise, Exige, Evora.

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Attractions and entertainments for all the family

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Pit lane walkabout, slot cars, film shows, Drivers’ Avenue…Dodgems!

The event opens at 9.00am and closes at 6.00pm. Car parking is free. Tickets for the Classic Team Lotus Festival are available from £20 in advance for adults, with free entry for children aged 12 and under. For more information call 0870 950 9000 or visit www.snetterton.co.uk

Jim Clark’s three greatest racing cars together for the first time ever, including unveiling of Jim Clark’s restored Indy 500 winning Team Lotus type 38.

More magic moments:

  • Hazel Chapman to open the Team Lotus F1 Pavilion
  • Unique aerial grid photo of all the Team Lotus F1s, during pit walkabout
  • High speed demonstration laps by many of the Team Lotus F1 cars
  • Demo laps by Jarno, Heikki and Fairuz in historic Team Lotus F1s
  • Reunion of Team Lotus personnel from 1954 to 1994
  • Drivers’ Avenue featuring displays for each points scoring Team Lotus driver
  • Rarely seen Lotus Cars’ vehicle concepts and demonstrator vehicles

Special Exhibition Marquee

  • Film shows of Team Lotus history featuring five separate sections
  • Display of Team Lotus scale models, works of art, and Jim Clark images
  • New book launch: “Colin Chapman the innovator” by author Karl Ludvigsen
  • University College London Colin Chapman Scholarship display

One of Every Team Lotus F1 car

Thanks to the generous support of owners worldwide, the Classic Team Lotus Festival at Snetterton on Sunday 20th June presents the first ever gathering of one of every Team Lotus F1 car.

For just one amazing day, The Team Lotus Pavilion will hold the greatest collection of Team Lotus racing cars ever assembled. From the 1958 type 12 through to the 1994 Type 109, there will be 33 Team Lotus F1 design types on view. These precious cars will be lined up in grid formation undercover, so that visitors can walk through the grid to experience a unique close-up encounter with famous racing machinery at the cutting edge of the evolution of F1 car design.

Clive Chapman, son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman and Managing Director of Classic Team Lotus comments: “We set about bringing the cars together for this unprecedented event when we realised that we could make a full grid of Team Lotus F1 design types. Cars are coming from all over the world – many from Europe, and the 109 is travelling from the Barber Museum in the USA. Owners from Japan and Australia are participating as well.”

During the lunchbreak at midday the cars will be wheeled through the crowds and out onto the circuit grid, lined up in 5, 4, 5, 5, 5, 4, 5 formation, for an aerial photograph recording the unique gathering. This special moment can be witnessed by the public from the pitwall, during the pit lane walkabout.

Between 2.00pm and 3.30pm, the race programme will be halted and the Team Lotus Pavilion will come alive, with most of the F1 cars being demonstrated on track. They will be fired up in the public area of the paddock, and then driven out in batches to make four lap runs. Famous guest drivers will include the current Lotus F1 Racing drivers and original Team Lotus Works drivers. As impressive as the Team Lotus grid will be, there is nothing to match the awesome cacophony of these World Championship winning F1 cars and their mechanical soundtrack. This is the real thing…

UK public debut for Lotus Racing on the eve of the 500th Grand Prix for the Lotus Marque

In the midst of its successful first season in the F1 World Championship, Lotus Racing is giving its full support to the Classic Team Lotus Festival. The Mike Gascoyne designed T127 will have its first UK public outing, and the car will be race ready for the next Grand Prix.

Drivers Jarno Trulli, Heikki Kovalainen and Fairuz Fauzy will be in attendance, and are looking forward to meeting their UK supporters, Lotus enthusiasts and the people of Norfolk. Jarno, Heikki and Fairuz will each do a demonstration run in one of the historic Team Lotus F1 cars.

The European Grand Prix in Valencia on the following weekend will be the 500th Grand Prix for the Lotus marque, so it is most appropriate that the T127 will be able to spend the day amongst its illustrious forebears. At the end of the day, the T127 will be loaded onto the Lotus Racing transporter, which will set off for Valencia with suitable fanfare and a ceremonial lap of the circuit.

Full Race Programme of Guaranteed On Track Excitement

In addition to the classic racers, the festival is also a timely reminder of the Lotus marque’s enduring appeal in the motorsport world, during a time of renewal.

The race programme is so packed that it starts at 10.00am and continues until 5.00pm, with the Lotus Cup Europe feature races at 10.50am and 1.25pm and the Elise Trophy race at 4.10pm.

The Elise Trophy has been one of UK motorsport’s biggest success stories and the series enters its fourth season with a new single-class structure, encapsulating the best of racing action that has thrilled crowds, whether at club meetings or supporting major series, including World Touring Cars, DTM and A1GP.

With higher-powered 2-Elevens and Exige Cups competing for overall honours in the Lotus Cup Europe races, spectators will be spoilt for action!

Also featuring are the GAZ Shocks Production BMW Championship, originally started by Lotus enthusiasts; the Heritage Grand Touring Car Challenge and Monoposto Championship for single seaters, both areas in which Lotus have considerable history and influence.

Lotus Cars feature display

The entire range of current Lotus model will be on show, including the multi award winning Lotus Evora, the latest Lotus Exige Cup 260 and the fabulous new Lotus Elise. Visitors will also have the rare opportunity to see some very special Lotus racing cars, including the Evora Cup and the GT4 specification 2-Eleven, plus rarely seen Lotus car concepts and engineering demonstrator vehicles.

Hazel Chapman to cut the ribbon and open the Team Lotus Pavilion

Just a few weeks after her 83rd birthday Hazel Chapman, widow of Lotus Founder Colin Chapman, will cut the ceremonial ribbon to open the Team Lotus Pavilion and let visitors in to the unique grid of all the Team Lotus F1 cars. Famously Mrs Chapman lent £25 to Colin Chapman to help him establish the Lotus Engineering Company in 1952. She played a vital role in the fledgling business, sometimes racing the cars herself. Balancing her role as mother to Jane, Sarah and Clive, she still attended races and was at Indianapolis in 1965 when Team Lotus won, as she recalls: “I was there with Jimmy’s girlfriend, Sally Stokes, and we were told that the Winner’s Circle was men only, apart from the race day Queen. Well, we took no notice of that and muscled our way in, making it two victories for the Brits in one day!”

Sir Stirling Moss’ son Elliott celebrates the 50th Anniversary of his father’s 1960 Monaco victory; the first Grand Prix win for the Lotus marque

Sir Stirling Moss scored a heroic victory at Monaco in 1960, racing his privately entered Lotus type 18 seeing off the might of Ferrari and reigning World Champion Jack Brabham during the three hour-long race. Sir Stirling’s sublime talent won the day in this “David versus Goliath” triumph at the greatest Grand Prix of them all.

In celebration of this historic anniversary, Elliott Moss (Stirling’s son) will drive a Lotus type 18 on track, in public for the first time.


“Drivers Avenue” featuring displays for each points-scoring Team Lotus driver.

A central feature of the paddock area will be “Drivers Avenue”, featuring individual displays on each of the 33 Works Team Lotus drivers who scored a World Championship point. Every display will include a rendering of their helmet, a portrait image and the vital statistics of their Team Lotus career. The Avenue leads up the Team Lotus Pavilion and will be traffic-free so that it is a safe and pleasant walk for the public.

Hot Competition!

An under-16s competition will run in The Event Programme, involving children (under 16) gathering information about each driver and working out the answer to a particular question. The correct answer (with workings!) in each programme will earn a prize which can be collected at the Classic Team Lotus Merchandising marquee.

Slot Cars

Always a firm favourite, the local Scalextric club has created a unique, four lane Snetterton which is intended for the youngsters…but no doubt parents will try to muscle in.

Film Shows

A comprehensive display of Team Lotus history will be presented on five screens in separate viewing areas, using a selection of archive films that capture the adventures of the Team Lotus World Championship years. As well as exciting the younger visitors about the history of the team, this will be an ideal opportunity to rest the legs… out of the sun (!).


To cap it all there will be a number of attractions to provide traditional entertainment for the younger ones, including of course, the Dodgems, so that the children can emulate the driving standards of some of the more competitive racing action.

The Team Lotus Trinity: Jim Clark’s three greatest racing cars

The Classic Team Lotus Festival will feature the Team Lotus Trinity, the three most important Jim Clark Team Lotus racing cars, together for the first and probably the only time; the 1963 F1 World Championship winning Lotus type 25, the 1965 Indianapolis 500 winning Lotus type 38 and the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix winning Lotus type 49. “Classic Team Lotus is privileged to have restored these fantastic cars, on behalf of collectors around the world” says Clive Chapman. “I was determined that we should create the opportunity for them to be seen together in public, before they return to their respective homes.”

The Lotus type 25 chassis R4 is owned by Australian John Bowers, and is just back from the Grand Prix De Monaco Historique. The 1963 World Championship consisted of 10 Grand Prix; Jim Clark raced chassis R4 in all of them, winning seven to become World Champion.

The Lotus type 38 chassis 1 designed and built specifically to win the 1965 Indianapolis 500 will be unveiled by members of Jim Clark’s family, post restoration by Classic Team Lotus. Starting from pole position, Jim Clark dominated the World’s greatest race, and since Jimmy switched her off as he drove into the Winners’ Circle, this incredibly famous car has never been run on track. Home is The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, and Classic Team Lotus was entrusted with bringing 38/1 back to life, so that she can run at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and at “The Brickyard”, as the famous Indy oval is known.

The Team Lotus type 49 chassis R2 completes the Team Lotus Trinity. Most famously Jimmy drove this car to victory in the 1967 Dutch GP, on the debut of the type 49 and its amazing Ford Cosworth DFV engine. Clark went on to win his fourth British GP win and a famous USGP victory, all in chassis R2. The car raced in F1 until 1969, being developed along the way and ending up in Gold Leaf colours. In 2009, after 40 years “away”, American owner Chris MacAllister charged Classic Team Lotus with restoring 49/R2 to its 1967 USGP specification.

Reunion of Team Lotus personnel from 1954 to 1994

Everyone who ever worked for Team Lotus – around 350 people – has been invited to attend the Classic Team Lotus Festival. As Clive Chapman comments: “It was TEAM Lotus that won the Indy 500 and seven F1 World Championships. Along with inviting the public to join us for this unique moment while the “Team Lotus Trinity” are together, I especially wanted to use the occasion to reunite old teammates, so they can see all their cars together.” 

Quotes by key personalities

Legendary Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s widow Hazel Chapman: “I am looking forward to a special day for Lotus, and an enjoyable day for me and my family. With new management at Group Lotus and the return of the Lotus name to F1 this is an exciting time for Colin’s creation. To have attracted one of each F1 car is amazing, and of course I have a soft spot for Jimmy’s cars. In particular it will be nice to meet up with lots of the Team Lotus lads. I hope that the event will appeal to local people so that they get to see this unprecedented display of Team Lotus history; it really is a one-off chance.”

Group Lotus Chief Executive Dany Bahar: “Given Lotus’ colourful and triumphant history in Motorsport, this festival has all the hallmarks of an unforgettable event. To have such a collection of Team Lotus cars all displayed together, is incredible in itself, but to also show the Jim Clark cars, including the 1965 Indy 500 winning car, the Type 38, is fantastic, especially given the fact we are once again back in the Indy Racing League. Clive Chapman and Classic Team Lotus have done a commendable job in restoring and preserving Lotus’ racing heritage, which can be enjoyed by motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Lotus Cars is thrilled to be part of the event; and our exhibits demonstrate that we are producing great cars, shaping the future of sports car development.”

Lotus Racing Team Principal Tony Fernandes is very proud that the team he heads up has been asked to take part: “First I want to say what a fantastic job Clive Chapman and everyone at Classic Team Lotus have done, not just with the upcoming event but also to keep so many dreams alive on tracks around the world. The Festival itself is going to be a great event – very emotional for many of those attending, and a superb way to celebrate the Lotus motorsport heritage. We are honoured to have been invited and the whole team is looking forward to seeing the UK fans, and spending a bit of time with the cars and people that helped create the Lotus legend. We’ll be bringing one of our cars so people can see how the story has come full circle, and we’ll shortly be announcing what we’ll be doing on track – in the meantime I’d urge every Lotus fan, and anyone who loves motorsport, to make sure they’re at Snetterton on the 20th June.”

Lotus Racing Driver Heikki Kovalainen added to Tony’s comments saying, “I was very lucky when I joined Lotus Racing because Clive Chapman gave me a tour around the Classic Team Lotus workshops and the cars they had in there at the time. It’s impossible to go around there and not be very touched by the history and the stories, and now we’re doing our bit to keep that legend alive. It’ll be a great privilege to see all the cars and the fans who’ve supported our predecessors since day one at the Festival, and a great way to warm up for Valencia.”

Lotus Racing Driver Jarno Trulli is also excited about the opportunity to see so much history at one track, saying “anyone who loves motorsport would want to go to the Festival. There’s going to be so many famous cars there, legendary cars that shaped the way F1 works now, and it’s very rare to have the chance to see so much history in one place. We’re obviously focused on our first season, but this is exactly the sort of event we look forward to, as it’s all about celebrating where Lotus Racing comes from – frankly, it’s an honour to have been invited.”

Classic Team Lotus MD and son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman, Clive Chapman says: “The Classic Team Lotus Festival has mushroomed into something quite spectacular. I wanted to share the coming together of the three greatest Jim Clark cars with the public, the people of Norfolk as well as motorsport fans, Lotus enthusiasts and Lotus staff. With the support of Team Lotus owners from around the World we have ended up with the first ever presentation of the history of Team Lotus F1, in the flesh; fantastic! And thanks to the participation of Lotus Cars, visitors will be able to see everything that the factory has been up to lately. Lotus Racing, its car and drivers , are a great attraction, of course; it’s a wonderful coincidence that the Classic Team Lotus Festival falls on the eve of Lotus’ 500th Grand Prix. The crowd will be able to give them a proper send-off! Add to this a full race programme, consisting of categories that are renowned for excitement, and I think it is fair to say this is a unique, World Class event for Norfolk and Lotus.”

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