From Group Lotus:

So what makes Swizz Beatz the perfect man to add to the Lotus line-up? Three little facts:

  1. Like Group Lotus , he means business: He’s a risk taker with considerable credentials including music producer, rapper, designer AND painter.
  2. Like our cars, he’s multi award winning: This year he shared a Grammy Award with Jay-Z.
  3. Like Group Lotus he keeps good company: This man regularly works with the likes of Bono, Kanye West, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys.

You can view a short video news release from Group Lotus here. We’ll be watching with interest what value the Grammy Award winning rapper brings to Lotus however it’s not his first foray into the automotive world with a short spell helping Aston Martin promote the Rapide recently. Details of the short film he was involved in and the special edition Rapide can be found on his website. Any Lotus/rap music crossover isn’t immediately obvious and his work with Aston Martin certainly didn’t set our world on fire (nor theirs it appear, there’s no mention of him in their news archives) so it’s not clear how the synergy will drive car sales for the company but fingers crossed we won’t end up with bling and subwoofers taking over the future cars.

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