Lotus Aftersales are delighted to announce that the Lotus Sports Car Project Department has been working in collaboration with AiM Technologies to develop a Lotus Approved Digital Dashboard for Lotus Elise and V6 Exige models (from 2011 model year onwards), for Aftermarket fitment.

Due to the relationship we have developed with AiM Technologies, we are now able to supply the Lotus Digital Instrument Pack & Data Logger exclusively to you via your local Lotus Dealership.

The Lotus Digital Instrument Pack is pre-installed with a unique Lotus branded start up screen and the case itself is also uniquely branded with the Lotus name, allowing us to provide a 2-year Lotus Parts Warranty, when this pack is purchased and installed by a Lotus Approved Dealer or Repairer.

The kit also includes a dedicated GPS module, replacement instrument binnacle & fixings.

Pre orders for the kit are now being accepted. The kit has a recommended retail price of £1,470 (inc taxes but excludes shipping where applicable).


  • High contrast 6” TFT display 800×480 pixels
  • 18 integrated LEDS (10 shift lights, 6 status information LEDs, 2 turn indicators)
  • 14 digital switch inputs
  • 4 integrated buttons in cluster
  • CAN bus RCU interface
  • Rear camera input
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Large track database

Dealer fitment is available at extra costs and takes around one hour with the unit being completely ‘plug and play.’

The already comprehensive specification can be upgraded with other plug and play options coming soon.

Two screen modes are included; Road and Track.

Multi Coloured Display

With the inbuilt GPS and large track database, lap and performance information can be viewed & recorded data downloaded and reviewed on a laptop.

Switching the vehicle on near a track, the module will automatically recognize the venue and start to download the start/finish coordinates and calculates lap times when these coordinates are crossed. If the track is not in the database, it is possible to create and load it into the database using Race Studio 3 software, freely downloadable from AiM.

NB – Track Use Only.

Available to order from the TLF Online Shop direct from Lotus Cars.

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