Logo-BadgeIt’s not quiet as dramatic as it sounds! On Wednesday 7th July Group Lotus sent notice to all it’s European Dealer network that they were terminating their contract. This move is within the constraints of their contract and allows Group Lotus to move upmarket and upscale their network by both having the opportunity to remove ‘dead wood’ dealers and to give dealers who aren’t as committed to the franchise a chance to move on. Dealers are welcome to re-apply under new terms, yet to be revealed, or to terminate on the 18th July 2012. 

The move comes along with a new 5 year plan which sees Group Lotus attempt to move into new territory, potentially ditching the small platform models or at least radically changing them, perhaps adding a V6 to the Exige as rumoured thanks to recent spyshots taken at Hethel. This also ties in with ‘A Dawn of a New Era‘ for Lotus which is rumoured to involve the unveiling of several new models at this years ‘Mondial de l’Automobile‘ in Paris at the end of September, least of which is the new Esprit supercar but some speculators believe multiple new cars will be shown. 

The Lotus Forums will be at the show, reporting on the new models straight after the press conference. Keep an eye out for up to the minute news and pictures! 

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