Lotus has launched Lotus Drive, a new e-commerce platform which allows customers to configure a car, choose a payment method, value a part-exchange, and place an order directly with Lotus.

  • Online platform to configure, choose payment method, value part-exchange and place order direct with Lotus
  • Process integrated with recently upgraded model configurator
  • Delivers consistent and highly personal shopping experience for customers
  • Choose to collect car from Hethel and receive unique Lotus factory experience

It’s live now on www.lotuscars.com, and has been carefully created to be intuitive and easy to use.

The Lotus Drive purchase process has been integrated with the model configurator, recently upgraded so customers can view their potential purchase from every angle and in multiple lighting environments. They can even see it dynamically, as the advanced technology can place their exact spec of car in a stunning ‘movie’ backdrop on a beautiful Californian mountain road.

The launch of Lotus Drive follows the restructure of the UK showroom network from a retailer to a retail agency model, announced by Lotus in January.

Completing the sale is also direct with Lotus. When their Emira is built and ready for delivery, the customer completes their transaction via Lotus Drive and decides if they want to collect their car from a retail agent or have it delivered to their door. Customers can even pick it up from the newly upgraded Hethel site in Norfolk – the home of Lotus since 1966 – as part of a unique Lotus factory experience.

Lotus Drive is about placing every customer at the heart of every transaction to meet their needs. A recent Capgemini survey found 69% of customers said they expect to purchase their next car online, 74% said they prefer prices being the same online as offline, and 88% said they would prefer buying direct from the manufacturer if it’s a seamless online process.*

Geoff Dowding, Executive Director, Sales and Aftersales, Lotus, said: “Lotus Drive gives us the ability to deliver a consistent and highly personal shopping experience to our customers. Additionally, it will allow us to understand what cars customers want and build them to order, as well as gather and use customer data to personalise offers.”

Lotus Drive is currently only available to UK customers, selling UK-homologated versions of the Emira V6 First Edition. The purchase process delivers a logical and intuitive journey for the customer:

  • Start by clicking ‘Configure & Reserve’ to access the upgraded configurator, customising the spec with selections on powertrain, paint, wheels, tyres and other elements via the on-screen menu
  • Once complete, click ‘Reserve Your Emira’ and indicate whether it’s a Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Cash Purchase
  • If it’s HP or PCP, tailor the finance package to suit your budget
  • Got a car to trade in? Value your part-exchange vehicle based on its condition
  • Check for finance eligibility and complete the credit check
  • Choose how you want to take delivery – retail agent, home or Hethel
  • The final step is to reserve the vehicle with your personal details
  • Once completed, a programme of regular communications from Lotus will follow

Lotus Experts working at Lotus retail agents have been trained on how to help customers complete the process in the showroom. And Lotus Customer Care (0330 0948 047) is on hand to provide further support, answering any questions relating to the order.

*Agency Sales Model: Accelerating the Future of Automotive Sales, Capgemini, 2022

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