In 2011 the London flagship store will open its doors, communicating the brand in a holistic way for the first time and making a statement on its own. The British capital is the ideal location for the brand’s first store which is the reference point for the future development of new store formats such as shop-in-shops and mini-shops. The stores will be operated either by Lotus or with partners. Due to the very selective car Dealer network, often not in city centres, the first flagship will add strong visibility, a new face to the brand and visualize its strong identity under one roof for the first time.

When customers enter the store, they enter the world of Lotus, emotion and information define the environment. The store is the sales and communication platform of the desirability of Lotus. The store is the place where consumers experience the real product and where they meet people who think like them, a contact point for brand aficionados.

The store concept itself communicates the overall aspirational character of our iconic British brand: visually it combines the impressive racing history, the modern, elegant beauty and prestigious lifestyle of the British road car, as well as its strong assets in intelligent lightweight car engineering. The store segmentation strongly follows the logic of the collection concept, each line has its own personality which will be reflected in dedicated space and furniture concept.

Being present in high street environments makes the brand accessible and visualises the emotional component to it which could never be expressed before.

There will be three ranges of clothing and accessories in the new Lotus Lifestyle range; Heritage, Originals and Performance.

The “LOTUS HERITAGE” line, inspired by the glorious racing days and victories of the 60s and 70s, looks back in time. It features elements of iconic race cars, such as numbers or the famous stripes and creates a slight retro-look by playing with warmer, slightly washed out fabrics with soft vintage touch, smoother colours and integrating sophisticated details in leather. It is a masculine selection of cool apparel and elegant premium accessories, which will be expanded over time. Heritage has a high-end positioning.

The “LOTUS ORIGINALS” line targets aspirational consumers, friends of the brand as well as Lotus owners. A fresh, young, colourful collection of sportswear taking its inspiration from the current brand and plays with it in terms of colours and logo interpretation.

The “THE LOTUS PERFORMANCE” line reflects the “engineering soul” of the Lotus brand and its technicity. A small range of highly functional sportswear, intelligently constructed to support all types of outdoor activities, lightweight, seamless and sleek in design. With its ergonomic shapes and masculinity, as well as the understated colours, it is made for track or outdoor, uniquely developed for Lotus.

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