Guy Allen is well known for his impressive skills and lovable artwork, his regular ‘Felix Petrol’ in Octane magazine is always fun and Lotus have previously commissioned Guy to create adverts and artwork for various campaigns and events. TLF even used Guy to draw a unique retirement present for outgoing Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley last year, a brilliant rendition of many of the iconic cars MJK worked on throughtout his illustrious automotive career and his art is available through the Lotus official merchandise range in the form of t-shirts and mugs.


Guy’s latest work is an opportunity for you to own a personalised piece of artwork centered around your car. The base picture is as shown in this article which you can purchase for £35 + P&P however you can specify the car in any colour you wish, most probably the same colour as your car and your own registration plate will be shown on the illustration. Personalised prints are £85 + P&P. This is a beautiful image and will look at home in any true petrolheads house/batchelor pad/condo in downtown LA. Very nice. Guy has also created a superb print of Lotus legend Jim Clark, the greatest driver of all time. Limited to a run of 100 prints, this beautiful artwork is also available from Guy’s website for £40 + P&P. All TLF members who contact Guy and place an order are lucky enough to get 15% off of these prices so click this link for his website and place your order now.

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