Lotus have hinted towards a move, no doubt inspired by the mainly Italian Board of Directors and recently appointed CEO into chic and fashionable! A group looking rather demure in matching and complimentary leather jackets with a gorgeous 1968 Lotus 23B in Lotus Racing Green are pictured together at Goodwood. It seems that Lotus are aware of their heritage by using such a beautiful and classic car plus a need to attract new customers to the brand to drive the company forward.

Wiebke Bauer, Director of Merchandise at Lotus joined from Ferrari in April this year along with Alex Uga who is Head of Product Merchandising. The pair, along with CEO Dany Baher seem to have been busy re-inventing the branding and merchandising. Bahar’s previous role at Ferrari was Senior Vice President of Brand Management and before that headed up the Corporate Projects Business team for Red Bull.

Find out more when Lotus promise to reveal all at the Paris Motor Show later this month and keep your eye on our merchandise shop for a new range of clothing.

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