The Lotus Forums in association with PureTech Racing are offering our readers/members the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon racing in the latest linked F1 simulators. Up to 10 simultaneous drivers will enjoy a head to head race in fully mobile simulators which can put your body through forces of up to 1.5G loading through corners and heavy braking. PureTech Racing is a fusion of the most advanced racing simulation technology with real world racing to create a totally new and entertaining sport to meet the requirements of an ever more discerning and demanding, experience seeking audience.

Drivers undergo the same physiological reactions as a driver in a ‘real’ car on the grid, such as the elevated heart rate and heightened concentration. The racing formats and technology utilised serve the single purpose of creating a totally exciting and engaging racing experience. Racing in a simulated environment against other real drivers does not equal simulated racing – it equals real racing. Racing is racing and this is the key to the PTR experience.

The emphasis on racing means that for spectators there is great racing to watch. PTR TV is a sophisticated race broadcast system that delivers the incredible wheel to wheel action to large screens around the Racing Centre. Exciting racing action is exciting racing action and you instantly forget you are not watching a ‘real world’ broadcast event, but more than that you know you can take part yourself.
The 2 hour session is on Saturday the 21st August and we can accommodate from 10 to 30 people at £30 per person. The session starts at 3pm and you can register your interest on our forum here.
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