This months picture was taken on the photo shoot for the Evora Long Term Test update which you can find here. The location is the once grand tree lined avenue drive of Mereworth Castle in Kent, once a grandiose homage to the domed Villa Rotunda in Italy, it’s now the private residence of an UAE billionaire and his supercar loving family. This part of the driveway is now cut off from the main house by the A26 Tonbridge Road and the former gatehouses are private residences in their own right, the owners of which whom graciously gave TLF permission to take some pictures in their drive.

The image is an example of ‘High Dynamic Range‘ imaging, click the link to find out more details but basically it’s a number of images, some under and some over exposed combined to give the all the details from the shadows to the highlights, not usually captured by a camera in a single shot but closer to what our eyes actually see. What makes this image so capturing is the detail that’s been revealed in the reflections on the car, the side of the car really being painted with light reflected from the gravel drive and grass, lovely! The TLF logo on the wall was painted with water based paints so should come off in the next rain, we hope.

Click the image to enlarge the right click and ‘save as’ to download for your desktop wallpaper.

1920x1080 (Widescreen)

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