May 28, 2017

Picture of the Month – July 2011

July’s picture took little thought as our LEGS (Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland) members recently supplied a stack of great images from their 14 Evora meet up at Knockhill. Regular PoTM contributor Allan Matheson was instrumental in making the event happen as he’s been a rescue unit marshal at Knockhill since before cars were invented (nearly!) however this time handed over the reigns to his son, Gregor Matheson (@twitterwebsite) to take the pictures. Well done Gregor, the whole set of images are great however this one caught our eye as perfect desktop fodder.

1920x1080 (widescreen)



If you’d like a picture considered for our POTM features, details and an upload gallery can be found here and you can view the full Picture of the Month archive here.

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