July belongs to one of the best-looking F1 cars of all time – and a personal favourite racing Lotus of mine – Ayrton Senna’s magnificent 98T. With very kind permission from photographer Charles Ward we get to see the car in all its JPS glory, placed so simply against a pure white background. Some subjects need no embellishment.

The shot was taken by Charles’s son (and filmmaker) James Ward for the man responsible for its spectacular restoration – Patrick Morgan at Dawn Treader Performance – and I think perfectly captures the purposeful menace and weaponized beauty of F1’s first Turbo era. For a reminder of the barely-contained fury that lies beneath the evocative livery, check out this video clip here of the engine being started up for the first time in many years. For once, you might want to turn your speakers down!

The story of the 98T is too much for a Picture of The Month piece and we were generously offered a large number of mesmerising images to choose from, so we will be posting up a more in-depth feature on it shortly. For now, here’s our pick of the bunch for you to download and savour, along with an additional image better suited to your smartphone.

To save the image for your desktop wallpaper for free, click the thumbnail below, then, once opened, right click and ‘save as’.

Large Tablet (2048x1536)
Large Tablet (2048×1536)
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Wide HD Desktop (1920×1080)
Small Tablet (1280×768)
Small Tablet (1280×768)
Smartphone (640x960)
Smartphone (640×960)

I recommend you all take a good look at some of Charles’s other work at his website here and also to ‘like’ his Facebook page here. Please feel free to contact Charles if you wanted to buy a larger copy of the image, I’m thinking it would make one heck of a poster for my garage wall…

If you’d like a picture considered for our PoTM features, details and an upload gallery can be found here.

You can view the full Picture of The Month archive here.

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