RSRNurburg; Drive a Lotus Exige at the Nurburgring and Spa Francorchamps. RSRNurburg runs a fleet of brand new Lotus cars at the Nurburgring and Spa Francorchamps. The cars can be used both for Road and Track.

Lotus Tour Rally Nurburg / Eifel

Drive one of our brand new Lotus Exige S track cars on a guided road tour which includes the best driving roads around the Nürburgring and stops to talk at the most interesting sections of the old Nordschleife.

We start by leaving the village of Nürburg and driving the old and long forgotten Sudschleife. Then we continue via twisty and perfectly surfaced roads (often used as tarmac rally stages) alongside the Nordschleife with stops at Hatzenbach, Hocheichen, Wehrseifen, Breidscheid, Ex-Mühle, Bergwerk, Hohe Acht, Brünnchen and Pflanzgarten. On each location you will learn about the ideal line, the history, the issues of safety and how best to drive on a public day.

We end the tour with a drive out on our favourite twisty roads surrounding the ‘ring. On this route we go past the often-secret factory workshops of companies like Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Cost? €249 per car including fuel and insurance, up to 2 persons per car. 6 cars maximum per tour. Group discounts are available in advance.

When? Every weekday from 2pm. Every weekend from 10am, 2pm and 6pm.

Total time? Roughly 3 hours depending on conditions and customer preference.

Start and Finish? RSRNürburg, Antoniusweg 1A 53520 Nürburg, Germany JUST 300 metres from the Nordschleife entrance!

Spa Road Rallye & Tracknight

Spectacular roads, amazing scenery and two hours of private time on an F1 track.

Drive one of our brand new Lotus Exige S on a guided road tour from the Nurburgring, Germany, to the famous F1 track in Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. Then enjoy a 2 hour full exclusive track session on the best F1 track in the world! Arrive at our workshop at 11am for a briefing. After lunch we leave in the direction of Belgium. The Eifel mountains in Germany connect to the Ardennes in Belgium. Driving the open and twisty roads you will already get a feel for the car’s handling and capabilities. However this is the time to enjoy the ride, the car and the beautiful scenery.

At 5pm we arrive at SPA where we will have another briefing before we enter the racetrack at 6pm. During our trackwalk you will get the real picture of the scale of this F1 track of all F1 tracks. You will never forget the sight when looking down from Radillion into ‘L au Rouge. Then we start the training. An instructor is leading in the instructor car and the only thing you have to do is follow in the exact same line. Here is where the real potential of the car shows. The instructor keeps on pushing until you can’t or won’t want to keep up before he slows down. At the end of the session, each driver has the option to sit in with the instructor on a taxi or hot lap. This shows what the limits of the car are and shows if there’s still something to learn for you or not.

Optional there will be a dinner or drinks. Otherwise we run straight back to the Nurburgring where we arrive at 10pm.

Cost: €995 per driver (based on 2 paying drivers per car).

When: Most Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays should be available. Occasionally Thursdays and Fridays.

Time on the Roads: 4 hours Time on the Racetrack of Spa 2 hours Full day program starting at 11am (return a 10pm or later)

Start and Finish: RSRNürburg, Antoniusweg 1A 53520 Nürburg, Germany. Just 300 metres from the Nordschleife entrance!

RSRNurburg Lotus Schools

Based on the same principles of speed, technique and training as the famous ’75 Experience’, the RSR ‘Lotus’ Schools make use of the latest sportscars built by Lotus. Lightweight, powerful and with the direct-to-your-brain feel of a true supercar, our 2010-model Exiges are perfectly prepared for the circuit and will offer you a driving experience to remember for years to come.

Our courses are no ’20-minute’ wonder either. You will be on-track for the duration of the day, only pausing for the occasional rest-stop and instructor peptalk. We aim to maximise your time on track at every point. The car is your classroom at RSR. The normal instructor to student ratio on a course is a 3:1 and our cars are shared a maximum of two students to one car. The briefing and classroom session takes place before the track opens, typically the night before. Your first laps of the track will be done under radio-guided convoy – no worrying about what comes next as we impart circuit knowledge as simply and quickly as possible.

In both our Spa and Nordschleife courses you will learn:

  • High-speed driving techniques
  • Correct use of the controls
  • Correct use of your eyes and brain
  • The racing line, and the best use of different variations through our convoy training system
  • The finding, recognition and importance of ‘balance’


Nordschleife full day from €1495 per driver

Spa Francorchamps full day from €1495 per driver

Nürburgring GP track full GP track from €1495 per driver

For the school to run we need at least six participants

Upgrades to a private school program with twice the driving time for €1995.-

To register your interest for the school, please e-mail Ron at: –

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