Are you the flexible king or queen of jumping in and out of your Lotus? Here’s your chance to prove it too all!

TLF members are taking up the ‘In and Out’ Challenge to see how quickly you can enter and exit your Lotus. Please be careful, don’t hurt yourself or your car, this is just for fun and entirely at your own risk but all are welcome to join in. We’ll update this post with videos as they arrive but you can view them on our Youtube ‘In and Out’ playlist here, newest ones appear at the top. If you don’t have a youtube account, please email your entry to info@thelotusforums.com and we’ll upload it for you.

The non-exhaustive rules, from this forum topic are:

  1. You need an Elise or Exige. Any variant. They’re all hard to get in and out of! (Although this has slipped, any Lotus model is fair game!)
  2. Elises need their roofs on! Exige Cups must have the quick-release steering wheels in place.
  3. No whinging about being over 6 ft or having large feet!
  4. Post a video here of your fastest time.
  5. Door must be shut at the start of the video. Time starts when you open the door and stops when you’re out of the car and have shut the door. No need for stopwatches or anything, the video will do the timing.
  6. Any injuries caught on film during the competition will be instant youtube comedy gold. Win-win!

Some previous entries…

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