Do you think you know your S2 from your S2.2, your V8-SE from your V8-GT? Here’s a handy video with one of every model of Esprit shown taken at the Lotus Festival a couple of years back. We arranged this timeline to honour Brian Angus who had recently retired from Lotus as his role as ‘Esprit Platform Manager’ and latterly as an Engineer helping us keep our cars on the roads with parts supplies and new projects.

From first to last:

  • S1 | (this is actually chassis 100G, the first ever Esprit built!)
  • S2
  • S2 JPS Commemorative Edition
  • S2.2
  • Essex Turbo Esprit
  • Turbo Esprit
  • S3 | (Naturally Aspirated)
  • X180 Turbo | aka Esprit Turbo
  • SE
  • SE High Wing
  • S4
  • Sport 300
  • S4s
  • GT3
  • V8
  • V8-GT
  • V8-SE
  • Sport 350
  • V8 Final Edition

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