Petrolhead Nirvana are famed for the best mix of roads, the best tour support and for finding the sort of hotels you’ll want to keep coming back to so if you haven’t joined the growing numbers of converts to the cause of pure driving fun then maybe now is the time see what the fuss is about.

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2012 sees trips to The Alps, the Pyrenees, Scotland America and Wales, you can even combine their Alpine Tour with joining us at Le Mans classic.

They also know getting lost is a major fear for those who have never toured before, so have taken that concern out of the equation. For all tours they now provide free Tom Tom loan with the routes pre loaded, in addition to the drivers packs, lead/chase cars and walkie talkies they already supply. Join the steady stream of lotus owners that have discovered the joy of driving on a Petrolhead Nirvana road trip with the first event for 2012 already listed on the forums here.

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