UK Lotus customers are often given the opportunity via their dealer to visit the Lotus Factory in Potash Lane, Hethel. It’s a real treat to visit the home of Lotus for the past 50 years and have a tour of the facilities and see the famous test track where all Lotus cars get their post-production shakedown and where our cars are developed to make sure they do exactly what a Lotus car is meant to do when on track. If you aren’t buying a new car, there’s always the option of a factory tour which we very much recommend you combine with a trip to the workshops of Classic Team Lotus, just over the road from the factory entrance.

For those in other parts of the world, we’d like to share what it’s like to turn off the A11 and head down towards Lotus. You’ll see the lovely road which contains very little in the way of straights, and no matter how many times you visit, this is when you start to get really excited as the factory is a few minutes away. Click below to watch the video.

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