It’s all too common a fact that many cars, especially one like ours with composite bodies can suffer from paint chips caused by stones or other debris being kicked up or scratches from hedges on country roads. All to evident also are the micro-swirls that washing the car can cause, since you’re actually rubbing dirt off the car into your sponge and then over the smooth surface when cleaning. Look at your car in bright sunlight or under artificial light and you’ll see these swirls which dim the sparkle of your car and cause hazing.

Imagine a time when these marks disappear, almost magically with little to no intervention on your part? Well, would you believe that time is now using the Xpel: Ultimate paint protection film. TLF recently visited Wombat Wrapping in Kent who with their 50+ combined years experience in wrapping cars are an authorised distributor and fitter of the film to find out more and watch an application to a Lotus 2-Eleven.

The ‘miracle’ that is Xpel: Ultimate is that if it becomes damaged the unique nature of the material means that with some heat (either just sunlight, or if you wish to accelerate the process, warm water) the film returns to it’s original, perfectly flat finish. This is thanks to the elastomeric polymers that comprise the film retaining a memory of the finish and returning to this original form should it be damaged. To prove this, watch the video below where they actually use a wire brush to damage the film on the car…

There are 3 choices of coverage that are on offer which are basically:

  1. Forward facing panels only
  2. 1 + horizontal surfaces eg bonnet/roof
  3. 2 + whole car protection

The film is applied using a special gel which is very liberally used to cover the panel being worked on and the film is laid over the top. With such a thick layer of gel, the film is pressured to squeeze the excess out and then trimmed to shape as required for a perfect fit on a bespoke fit to a rare car such as the 2Eleven. The film is still in a very malleable state so very little pressure is applied to a scalpel which literally just scores the material allowing it to be shaped to the panel. Even then the scalpel has a new blade every 2-3 cuts to ensure a perfect trimming. That however is the exception rather than the rule since for the majority of cars including all versions of the Elise/Exige/Evora there is pre-shaped film which requires no cutting on the car. Once applied, the film takes a few minutes to smooth as the alcohol in the gel evaporates and this finish improves over the next few hours and days to leave a result where you just cannot see it on the car.

The process is illustrated in the images below.










To put their money where their product is, the film comes with a 10 year warranty which means that if it yellows, cracks, peels or hazes the parts and labour are covered. That means that for 10 years you’ll be guaranteed to have a car which will look as new with the added benefit that should you remove the film, the paint underneath is in the same condition it was when you picked the car up from the showroom!

If you’d like more information or a quote, please contact Mark or Adam at Wombat Wrapping on 01892 457272 or 07740 774401.

Click any image below to open a gallery of the finished car.

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