LEFty briefly arrives back in the UK to accompany Scott and his 2eleven on a trip to the Ascari race circuit in Spain. Here he is saying hello to a few friends before they head off:

LEFty decided he wanted to learn more about his past, and so Scott took him to the old folks home, where the Yellow Submarine and Goldie Lookin’ Esprit educated LEFty about the good old days and how it came to be that LEFty was such a good looking little fellow. LEFty was very pleased and left with a Wurther’s original and a pat on his roof; he felt such a special little chap:

There’s certainly a family resemblance there as LEFty heads to Bell & Colvill for a visit:

LEFty made it to the ferry port safely, but the nice people at P&O were a little concerned as they did not a have rope small enough to tie down the little chap. It was concluded that he should be allowed onto the upper decks.

Once off the ferry it was a 7 hour drive to Alicante & everyone was a little worn out:

LEFty found a new love of Sangria whilst in Spain:

A dip in the pool the next day soon got rid of the hangover:

After a dive off the cliff and remembering the 007 stories recited to him at the old peoples home, LEFty had a go at a Bond style exit from the sea.

After few days chilling out, Lefty passengered on a road trip to Ronda – across the amazing Alpujarrah mountains roads and took in some of the local towns on the way:

Normally it would be a little too crowed for three in a 2-Eleven:

Once at the Ascari Race Resort LEFty gave a Radical a run for his money:

Ever the ladies man LEFty finished off his holiday in style:

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