Arriving with Malc in Japan LEFty sits down to dinner with some friends after his long journey over the Pacific:

On a bright, but cold day, LEFty and Malc headed to Tokyo today to take in some sights. First, on the way to the station they dropped into the gardens at the local shrine:

Then off to Tokyo. First stop The Meji Temple in Harajuku’s Yoyogi Park:

Then he took to the waters to cleans the soul (or sump) before entering the Temple complex:

Lefty and Malc left a message for all the LEFers (pardon the spelling mistake) to be blessed by the monks (should confuse them!):

One last photo before heading for Akihabara- Electric City:

Akihabara is undergoing massive re-development. There is not much of the old Electric City left. Its much tidier now, but has lost its character. Here is LEFty posing in a bit of the old town still left from the 70’s , the entrance to ‘Radio Centre’:

Always a hit with the ladies, LEFty made some new friends:

I don’t think we’ll ask LEFty just what he got up to next:


Looking out at lights at sunset in Shinjuku after a long day:

There have been concerns about a few mechanical problems LEFty may have suffered during is travels, having travelled over 27,000 miles since his last service in Brisbane it was time to call in emergency air support to take LEFty to the local sportscar specialist:

It was touch and go with these mechanics not used to working with such a classy car:

Before he sets off again Malc gives LEFty a ‘Safe Driving’ charm from the Meji Temple. This will continue to travel with LEFty on his journeys around the world:

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