Lotus Aftersales is pleased to offer a number of production quality Carbon Fibre Louvered Tailgates for Evora Sport 410, GT430 Sport, GT410 Sport & Federal GT option. The tailgates can also be retrofitted to Evora 400. These tailgates are production quality, and we are sure these will increase the aesthetics of any Evora as well as reducing kerb weight, by up to 25kg’s.

The new Part number for this offer is; B132B0573F/SP2   Retail: £1,500

(The current RRP is £3,837.78, prices do not include shipping or tax’s where applicable)

Please contact your local dealer to place an order or order online here…


In order to retrofit this to your car, the required parts are:

Part No.QTY RequiredDescriptionRetail each
A710U0130F1Cover, Latch CFRP Tailgate£18.92
A082W7105F5Screw M6 x 16mm SS Blk£1.48
A120B0373F1Stay, Tailgate£6.34
A082W6325F1Swivel Clip-Cover Stay£0.98
A075W5034Z2Screw No8 x 1/2″ Pan Pozi ZN£0.90
A075W4063Z1Washer 3/16″ x 1/2″ x 17g£0.90
A120U0223K1Plate Protection-Tailgate Stay£0.23
A132U1382G1Retainer Tailgate Stay£5.31
A082W4133F2Washer M6 x 15mm x 1.5mm ss blk£0.90
A132B0577F1Hinge Stop Bracket£19.34
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