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Essex Autosport

Listed in Independent

(01708) 343904

Harold Hill, Romford, Greater London RM3 0AP, UK

Reviewed on 6th July 2014. #1 of 1 Reviews

Essex autosport in located on gallows corner, romford. For the past two years I have walked past this garage as i went go the gym behind looking at lotus cars parked outside and fancied a exige myself and now got one. I would of considered using this garage until 05/07/14 I saw there lack of care over owners cars. Within 2 mins I parked at tescos and walked past autosport seeing another very tall mechanic getting into the white/black striped exige and opening the door onto another Hyundai parked next to it. I walked past less than 2 foot away the cars and saw the door resting on the Hyundai. I carried on walking past minding my own business when the other mechanic ragged the black exige past me on uneven surface doing a U-e turn up head. While he did that. another elise was reversing out of the back of the garage and stops as the mechanic sees me walking towards him and was about to go past and the other exige driving past. I then proceed to walk past when all of a sudden the mechanic in the elise jumps the cars back into me. I quickly jumped out of the way and just look at the mechanic driver. Who says ” I said sorry.” Well that’s 2 incidents in the place of 1
Mintue. I wouldn’t trust these cowboys to look after your car after witnessing this. After all you want to know that your car is well looked after especially as your paying. I will be using my friend and hanger 111 for any specialist jobs in the future

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