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Westover Sports Cars

Listed in Official Lotus

+44 (0) 800 999 2821

Westover House, W Quay Rd, Poole, BH15 1JG, UK

Reviewed on 1st July 2015. #1 of 1 Reviews

I thought I’d take the time to add a review of Westover, as it seems they are somewhat lacking (there aren’t any).
Having watched my car for six months, on the day I decided to go down and buy Westover had unfortunately sold the car (having not had a sniff of interest for months) that very morning.
Chris Amey, Sales Manager, spent a good couple of hours taking my details and asking what kind of spec I was after and was prepared to ensure that I got the right car. Having visited my local dealer (no names, no pack drill – but you don’t have to be a genius to work it out) and basically been fobbed off twice with “the Lotus guy isn’t here now, can you come back” with no offer to take my details, it was refreshing to sit down and talk to someone who not only gave me the time of day, but seemed genuinely interested in what I was looking for.
As this was to be my daily driver, Chris even talked me down from an Exige S. This may sound weird, but the fact that Chris was prepared to potentially lose a Sale there and then, to make sure I got the car that would meet my requirements should give you an idea of how he goes about his business.
It’s true that I have had some niggles with the car, and my initial experience left me less than impressed with the after-sales service.
That has changed so much for the better with the arrival of Paul Miller who has been a revelation. Paul has been bloody excellent, and despite being relatively new to the dealership and the Lotus brand, has really taken the time to get to know me, and my car. So much so in fact that last time I was in Paul took the time to come and have a chat with me in person.
During this chat, which covered everything from my car, to hot hatched of the late 80s and early 90s, I mentioned to Paul that I missed being able to speak to the mechanic who worked on my car, something I’ve valued in the past but not something I’ve experienced recently (I say recently, it’s probably ten years or so). Paul had picked up on this from conversations with other Lotus owners (who he pointed out were very different from their Jaguar and Lexus customers on the same site), and told me that they were specifically changing that for the Lotus part of the business.
Overall I have had an excellent experience with Westover, and were it not for my initial frustrations on resolving said issues, I would not hesitate to give them a five star review.

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