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Murray Lotus

Listed in Official Lotus

+44 (0)131 200 8888

22 Bankhead Dr, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH11 4DJ, UK

Reviewed on 8th December 2014. #1 of 14 Reviews

I had always wanted a Lotus Elise since the day they appeared. It was in Feb 2013 that an Elise parked alongside me, I got talking to the owner, he told me that there was a local dealer in Edinburgh who would be worth visiting, he couldn’t sing their praises too highly.

This is when I met Brandon Ware, the Salesman; having bought a number of cars over the years, this is a beast that I generally loath, to the point where I now buy all normal cars from the car supermarkets to avoid such salesman.
Well, Brandon was a revelation, friendly, genuine and actually not obviously selling. What he does is assist you in making the decision. We went for a test drive and about half way through he asked when I wanted it delivered or something similar, with a smile on his face. I looked puzzled at this presumptuous salesman, but he explained that I had that stupid grin on my face, that says “I will move heaven and earth to have this car, and if I don’t have this one, I will have one!”.

He was right, totally hooked, not just on the car but the approach from Brandon, no pressure, just some banter with a fellow enthusiast.

Within 30 minutes I had signed the papers and it was mine, absolutely no regrets.

Since purchasing the car, I have had it serviced and following a visit to Lotus (Hethel), where one of their engineering managers suggested a battery conditioner, had a conditioner fitted.
Again I have over the years become used to the rubbish service managers from main dealers, but here came my second revelation, Craig Moncrieff, the service manager at Murray Lotus has been awesome. Friendly efficient, even to the point of explaining why he deviates from the Lotus maintenance schedule to actually do more than is required by the standard service regime, all within the fixed service cost. Find me another dealer like this!!!

During the last main service, I had nothing to do, so rather than leave me sitting there, Brandon took me for a spin in the Elise S. It was fun, we drank coffee, my car was ready and I left.

As you might guess, I caught the Elise S bug, I now have one, my second Elise in 18 months. Again Brandon was excellent.
They say that you cannot assess a business until you see the way they respond to a problem. Well the first time it rained heavily, after a period, the wiper blade assembly fell off and was not going to go back on, on close inspection appears to be a manufacturing fault, nothing Lotus could have spotted. I contacted Craig, this reaffirmed my thoughts. As I live 60 miles from the dealership, he gave me the option to pop in or they would get one to me, he also told me the details of the blade, what other vehicles it fits, so I can get one myself without having to come to them, but within 48 hours he had sent me a cheque to cover the cost.
No messing, no mind games, good old customer service at its best.

You might think, expensive car, what do you expect?

Well I bought my wife a very expensive watch, Tag, a year back, when we had a slight issue, the jeweller was shocking, didn’t care, didn’t return calls…. I suspect Lotus and Tag are selling to the same audience!!!!

In Summary, if you want a Lotus, Brandon, Craig and the team at Murray Lotus are simply the best I have ever come across.

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