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Craig Moncrieff Cars

Listed in Independent

0131 334 6085

13/6 South Gyle Crescent Edinburgh, EH12 9EB

Reviewed on 26th October 2015. #1 of 4 Reviews

Well it has taken me too long to get in here and post in support of Craig. I was wondering where to start with my review which is all positive and continuing the fantastic customer service I received from him in his previous employment. Then I read the Overview that is on the other tab and what he said:

Our mission is to change the perception of the motor industry giving you an unrivalled service experience. – Check! Completely agree all true. If only all garages were like Craig’s.

At Craig Moncrieff we provide an honest, enjoyable experience, from start to finish. Respecting you, your car and your wallet. – Check! Completely agree all true. I had left the car for a month while I was offshore and Craig kept me fully informed and even although the job increased during that time through his findings I was kept fully informed as to costs and any choices and the final bill was still less than expected.

Imagine an immaculate workshop, in a great location, where the technicians take pride in their work. A comfortable environment where you can relax, talk cars (you know you want to) and where the coffee tastes great. – Check! Completely agree all true -well not so sure about the coffee. Haven’t tasted it yet but if comes up to the standards of the rest of the garage then will be superb. Not only are the workshops immaculate my wife was very complimentary about the Customer “Restroom” being absolutely top quality of cleanliness and standard.

Imagine a one stop shop. Your time is precious so we make it easy for you. No more driving around visiting different places to get the work done. If your too busy to drop the car off, we can pick it up for you. – Check! Completely agree all true. In the month my car was with him it was taken to and collected from Perth for some ICE work, wheels went somewhere else, car was geo set up elsewhere and I was dropped off and picked up from airport. Can’t say better than that. Parts were sourced from all over the UK

Imagine being able to trust in reliability, knowledge and efficiency alongside being a treated as a friend rather than a parking bay number. – Check! Completely agree all true, and the place is very secure.

We believe what we offer will make lives easier, creating loyalty amongst car lovers and build a new generation of technicians. – Check! Completely agree all true. This testimonial may only be second on here but other Forums show he has a large loyal fan base!

Why? Because we care about people and we want to build relationships all with a common goal. – Check! Completely agree all true. As above. Many in the Lotus world in Scotland consider Craig a friend.

We Service, Repair, MOT, Paint, Valet, Tune, Restore, Rebuild, Source. Whatever your car needs or whatever you want. We do. – Check! Completely agree all true.

So there you go. Craig said it all. All I had to do was agree! Good luck with the venture. You really do deserve to succeed.

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