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Fast Road Conversions / Powerspeed Exhausts

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01233 662225

Ashford, Kent, UK

Reviewed on 28th March 2013. #1 of 1 Reviews

I am a lifelong Lotus enthusiast. I started with a Cortina, Reg. 670 PAL (Too long ago to remember), immediately followed by a series 4, special equipment, ‘Drophead’ Elan, Reg. LES 765G (Does anyone know if they are ‘Still around’ somewhere?

I then had a period ‘Sans Lotus’ (Sorry)

However, I trust I have ‘Redeamed’ myself since, as I am now the owner of two Loti!!.

The first is an 1988 Excel, which I purchased in 1990, yes I have owned it all that time.

Then two years ago, I purchased an esprit GT3. This recently developed a
‘Blow’ from the original, Cast Iron, exhaust manifold. It seemed to me that
a steel replacement would be a sensible replacement and had, mistakenly!,
thought that such am item would be available, ‘Off The Shelf’, Not So,
fortunately for me, as follows.

I undertook a search on the internet to endeavour to find a supplier for such an item and Powerspeed were one of the ‘Found’ sites.

I contacted them and they were very helpful saying that they could manufacture a ‘ bespoke’ replacement manifold for me in steel, so I decided
to instruct them to make and fit it for me, which they have recently done, to
my complete satisfaction.

I also had an ongoing problem with the waterpump on my Excel and so I asked them to repair this for me also, which they have now completed.

I have been so impressed with the service I have received from them that I have requested them to take on all future work, including servicing, required on both vehicles, despite the fact that they are located in Ashford, Kent and I live in Croydon, Surrey.

Thank you, The Andys, for the excellent service received so far.

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