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Murray Lotus – New & Used Lotus Cars

We are the main agents for Lotus cars in Scotland, and one of the largest Lotus dealers in the UK. With over 25 years experience, we will help with all of your Lotus requirements – with a wide range of new and pre-owned Lotus car sales, Lotus Approved Service and Official Lotus Parts. Contact us today to arrange a test drive before you buy your new Lotus car.

Bankhead Drive, Sighthill, Edinburgh EH11 4DJ.

Sales +44 (0)131 200 8888

Ian Parkin – [email protected]

Service +44 (0)131 200 8888

Part of the John Martin Group

24th October 2016

We bought our Evora S from Murray Lotus in April this year. This is our first Lotus – I’ve always been a fan of the Esprit and the original Europa since childhood. Ian Parkin was fantastic to deal with. He is knowledgeable, easy going and genuinely friendly, and very enthusiastic about the brand. The Evora was just epic and we knew we had to have it. We were really pleased with the deal we got.

The car a couple of minor snagging issues which were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Just last week the car went in to have the headlamps re-lacquered. I was given a choice of courtesy car and delighted to find that not only had they done the work requested but they’d also taken the time to paint the hubs, wheel bolts and mesh grilles to freshen the car up. Better still was the cost – I fully expected to have to pay for this work as most used car warranties don’t cover cosmetic issues and tend to try to wriggle out of any claim, but Murray Lotus did all the work free of charge.

Nick on the service desk is a great guy to deal with, as are the two Lotus mechanics I spoke to. The whole team are just so enthusiastic about the cars they work on.

I have found the whole Lotus ownership experience an absolute pleasure and I can’t recommend Murray Lotus highly enough.

25th October 2015

I’ve just bought my S3 Exige from Murrays. Absolutely delighted!
I live 300 miles away in the Midlands so this gives some indication of the confidence I had in Brandon and the team to travel so far for my new car.
I caught a flight from BHX to Edinburgh, and a short tram ride to the dealership.
I hadn’t seen the car before purchase, but it was everything I had hoped for.
The service was 1st class.
Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • Member Since: 25th March 2015

24th April 2015

So, it is a week now since I became a proud Lotus owner, for the first time, and also, a first time and delighted Murray Motor Co customer.

For a long time I have hankered after an Aston Martin DB9 but a chance encounter with an Evora made me look further and deeper into this wonderful, unsung hero, of a car.

I ended up chatting to Brandon (whom I often call Brendon – I’ve worked with a few Brendon’s you see, it’s an age thing!) and we went out for a test drive in a MY2010 Ardent Red Evora NA, with sports pack and CR gearbox and Lotus Sports exhaust. No tech pack, no premium pack, just a a purists driving machine! 🙂 Wow, it was infectious, I was bitten, and had the Lotus Bug.

My wife thought I was out to buy some groceries, but after 30 minutes talking to Brandon, then going for a spin, I found myself signing some papers with a big mad grin on my face. I was hooked.

Brandon was an easy guy to get on with. Knowledgeable, professional, informative and calm. So unlike many car sales people I have met in the past. We did the deal and when I picked her up last Friday she was immaculate and ready to go. Communication throughout the process was spot on and everything went smoothly.

Brandon, and in particular MMC, were exceptionally good to deal with. No tricks, no cons, just a direct and honest approach to doing business. So refreshing.

The car – well, she is just simply beautiful and a real joy to drive.

I would highly recommend anyone, who is thinking about buying a Lotus, to pick up the phone / go and visit MMC and in particular to have a coffee, or a coke, with Brandon. You’ll find a refreshingly honest and straight forward approach and I very much doubt you will leave without a placing an order! Although, don’t let that last comment make you think they are pushy – they are the exact opposite and I get the feeling Brandon is happy to talk Lotus to anyone interested…

Thanks to Brandon and MMC for making my dream purchase a super experience, I will be back….

8th December 2014

I had always wanted a Lotus Elise since the day they appeared. It was in Feb 2013 that an Elise parked alongside me, I got talking to the owner, he told me that there was a local dealer in Edinburgh who would be worth visiting, he couldn’t sing their praises too highly.

This is when I met Brandon Ware, the Salesman; having bought a number of cars over the years, this is a beast that I generally loath, to the point where I now buy all normal cars from the car supermarkets to avoid such salesman.
Well, Brandon was a revelation, friendly, genuine and actually not obviously selling. What he does is assist you in making the decision. We went for a test drive and about half way through he asked when I wanted it delivered or something similar, with a smile on his face. I looked puzzled at this presumptuous salesman, but he explained that I had that stupid grin on my face, that says “I will move heaven and earth to have this car, and if I don’t have this one, I will have one!”.

He was right, totally hooked, not just on the car but the approach from Brandon, no pressure, just some banter with a fellow enthusiast.

Within 30 minutes I had signed the papers and it was mine, absolutely no regrets.

Since purchasing the car, I have had it serviced and following a visit to Lotus (Hethel), where one of their engineering managers suggested a battery conditioner, had a conditioner fitted.
Again I have over the years become used to the rubbish service managers from main dealers, but here came my second revelation, Craig Moncrieff, the service manager at Murray Lotus has been awesome. Friendly efficient, even to the point of explaining why he deviates from the Lotus maintenance schedule to actually do more than is required by the standard service regime, all within the fixed service cost. Find me another dealer like this!!!

During the last main service, I had nothing to do, so rather than leave me sitting there, Brandon took me for a spin in the Elise S. It was fun, we drank coffee, my car was ready and I left.

As you might guess, I caught the Elise S bug, I now have one, my second Elise in 18 months. Again Brandon was excellent.
They say that you cannot assess a business until you see the way they respond to a problem. Well the first time it rained heavily, after a period, the wiper blade assembly fell off and was not going to go back on, on close inspection appears to be a manufacturing fault, nothing Lotus could have spotted. I contacted Craig, this reaffirmed my thoughts. As I live 60 miles from the dealership, he gave me the option to pop in or they would get one to me, he also told me the details of the blade, what other vehicles it fits, so I can get one myself without having to come to them, but within 48 hours he had sent me a cheque to cover the cost.
No messing, no mind games, good old customer service at its best.

You might think, expensive car, what do you expect?

Well I bought my wife a very expensive watch, Tag, a year back, when we had a slight issue, the jeweller was shocking, didn’t care, didn’t return calls…. I suspect Lotus and Tag are selling to the same audience!!!!

In Summary, if you want a Lotus, Brandon, Craig and the team at Murray Lotus are simply the best I have ever come across.

  • Member Since: 1st April 2014

2nd April 2014

Collected my first Lotus, a 2009 Elise SC, from Murray’s on Friday. We made an appointment and went for a look the previous Saturday, the whole experience was first class, even though he had just sold the car we had intended to look at. Brandon is so easy to deal with, answered any question and talked me through the essential need to know stuff. He then took me for a test drive in the demonstrator which was not rushed, he even took the wife for a run round the block, there was no pressure to buy, but we did :)))

A few emails later we were set to collect, to my surprise they fitted new tyres and discs before I collected it. Conveniently the garage is a 10 min walk from Edinburgh Park railway station so collecting the car was also a breeze. The car is also great BTW, any excuse and she’s on the road.

30th March 2014

This last month I took ownership of a 2011 Lotus Elise. I noticed the Elise on Auto Trader in perfect colour and spec. Soon spoke to Brandon to arrange a viewing and test drive. Brandon is brilliant. Like everyone at Murray Lotus he has a true passion for Lotus & is very friendly & welcoming. After never owning a Lotus, Brandon was very helpful & patient with any questions I asked. I also never felt pressured into buying the car as many car salesman tend to do.
To arrange collection of the car Brandon suggested I pick the car up on the annual meet-up Lotusforums organise the first Sunday of every month. I was delighted as this made the day extra special as there must have easily been 50+ Lotus’ there.
The dealership is easy to find & has decent facilities. Id thoroughly recommend giving Brandon & the guys at Murray Lotus a try if looking for a new Lotus.

  • Member Since: 11th March 2014

11th March 2014

Recently bought Matte Black CR, have to say it was pleasure to do business with Brandon, he is people conscious person.
Buying a car in Scotland seeing that I live near Cambridge was made easy and worry free. Shame I cannot get the car serviced there as all the comments I have heard about Murreys is all positive.
Well worth a call or a visit if your needs are Lotus orientated, no matter what part of the country you live in. (The drive home was great)

5th August 2013

A few weeks ago I picked up my Esprit V8-GT after its major service (belts, engine out, the works) and having had a host of additional work done and parts fitted (turbos, wishbones, new brakes all round, anti-roll bar, the list was huge), some of which I’ve accumulated over the years from e-bay, Piston Heads and the like, plus a host of bits from SJ Sportscars and PNM as well as Lotus themselves of course.

There is not enough space nor time to list everything the guys did, suffice to say they had the car for 5 weeks because of delivery delays, none of them attributable to Murray or Lotus I hasten to add. At all times Craig kept me fully informed of progress, offered options to help contain costs and chased up the the third parties on my behalf. He even shipped the wheels round the corner to get them refurbished for me whilst he was waiting for the new brake kits from PNM and has since arranged to get the seats done at his recommended trim shop.

All in all another great experience. And the car – magnificent. On the day I picked it up I drove up to Aberdeen for the Alford Speedfest and spent an hour and a half giving passenger rides round a short fast oval. The car was perfect and remains so

Yes it was expensive but all things are relative. I’d hardly spent anything on the car for over two years bar tyres, MOTs and routine servicing. Its now good for at least another 5 years plus.

And I should give a mention to Brandon, probably the nicest car sales guys I’ve ever met. He’s always ready for a good blether and gets the kettle on every time I walk in – even though I have only bought a Volvo from him!

  • Member Since: 30th June 2005

13th July 2013

Very helpful and communicated well before the car was booked in. Unfortunately the quote for the work was misleading and doubled for the original job once the car had ben delivered. Ended up having to deal with the general manager and walked away £160 down (transport costs) without any work being carried out. Got fed a pack of lies about the car once it was in and even suggested that they were unaware of the model of the car when quoting which is worrying as they had the engine no., vin no, reg no and where told excactly the model. If you decide to use Murray get a quote in writing before you take the decision to book the car in so that you don’t get conned like i did.

  • Member Since: 6th June 2013

6th June 2013

i’ve recently bought a 2008 exige s from brandon and was very impressed with how helpful he was. the process was fairly protracted as i had a private reg to take off the car and a cayman s to hand back to porsche all of which requried a good bit of messing about with paperwork and waiting on the dvla getting back before the next step could be taken. brandon however held in there helping along the way and making the task a lot easier than it otherwise would be.

minor changes i had asked for were made to the car with no fuss prior to me picking it up and once the final day came for me to get the car, it was simply a case of turn up and get handed the keys! totally flawless, very very impressed.

will be back again next year to swap for an evora

19th December 2012

I have just had some warranty work done on my recently acquired, but 2 year old, Evora by Murray. In addition to doing this necessary work Craig Moncrieff included some other cosmetic work on the car. I found the service I received to be excellent and I really appreciated Craig’s attitude and professionalism. I also had some maintenance done on my Elise. The work was done promptly and effectively and Craig carefully explained the work done and invoice presented. Exactly the kind of service I am looking for.

  • Member Since: 25th March 2011

14th December 2012

I have been a customer of MMC for over 20 years and the standard of service now is better than ever since Craig has been service manager. Can’t be faulted for the level of service and prices are really competitive

  • Member Since: 13th December 2012

13th December 2012

I have been using Murray Lotus for over three years and the service is the best I have ever received in over 30 years. In this time they have done servicing and mods/ improvements including AP 4 pots. Craig and the team are really customer focused with great prices (that don’t inflate once the job is started), excellent updates and a free valet. Simple stunning, give them a try.

  • Member Since: 12th December 2012

12th December 2012

I have used Murrays regularly for several years; always had a very high standard of service; work done well, on time and as quoted. Prices are very reasonable too. Keep up the great work guys!

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