May 23, 2017

Picture of The Month – March 2017

From a Hi-Wing in Hong Kong to this dazzling silver Esprit V8 from Russia (With Love!). Hopefully heralding the coming of Spring, this timeless beauty remains rarer than an apology from Vladimir Putin in its native country. The photo was taken by Dimitry T, also known as 'Iceman'. He believes it's one of only 3 or 4 known Esprits left in Russia. "Owner of this Esprit is one of my friends. He found this car a long time ago when he started a "supercars spotting theme" in Moscow. Then for a few years we don't see this car and once in Autumn 2012 he called another of our … [Read more...]

Picture of the Month – February 2015

This month's winner of an Esprit V8 being driven like its maker intended, proves that entries uploaded to the 'PoTM Entries Gallery' can and do win! This shot was uploaded by TLF member Captain Bigleux from a stunning series taken by photographer Kevin Goudin. The Captain has since parted with the Midnight Blue Esprit and I'm sure this shot will make him miss it all the more. It certainly looked like he had some fun in it during his ownership! Lets hope that the new owner continues to photograph and drive the car with the same level of enthusiasm! To save the image … [Read more...]

[BLOG] 8 years with a Lotus Esprit V8…

Rob, long term TLF member and Welshman who lives and works in Zurich recounts 8 years of Esprit V8 ownership. After nearly 8 years of Esprit V8 ownership, the time has finally come to move on… and I have to say I'm sad, really sad. It seems that Esprit ownership is different for everybody. Some live a nightmare, while other live their dream. There are many lemons out there, but there are also many outstanding cars… and mine was, and still is, simply outstanding. So before my Esprit and I part company, I wanted to provide the community (and potential future … [Read more...]

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