May 23, 2017

Picture of The Month – December 2016

We figured you couldn't get a lot more seasonal than a snow and ice dusted, bright red Elise. So here's your PoTM for December, a dynamic rig shot and very dramatic angle, courtesy of New Jersey photographer Mike Hyatt. Mike's work has already featured for the month of August this year and despite some strong competition, this shot was always going to be hard to beat for December. Hopefully it will be enough to tempt one or two Elise owners to crank their heaters up and get out there to take a few shots of their own. Treat your desktop, smartphone or tablet this … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – May 2016

We're well into racing season by now, so another picture of a Lotus in action on track seemed appropriate. In this case, 'off track' might be more accurate but this Elan captured by Mark Lacey is one of the many that are still raced ferociously most weekends this time of year. Note the red leather steering wheel which is a nice touch and must be worth at least half a second on its own! No doubt this Elan was barged off the track by some great, lumbering, hugely more powerful Jaguar that was ignoring all the blue flags being waved at it! Keeping a determined Elan driver … [Read more...]

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