May 23, 2017

Winter tyres, a Lotus proActive analysis

This article looks to expound the available data, explore some of the oft’ quoted myths and to establish if winter tyres really are of benefit to the average motorist. The first and obvious thing to point out is that the tyres are the only points of contact between the vehicle and the road surface. As such they have the final, crucial influence on the dynamic performance of the vehicle: no matter how expertly tuned the anti-lock braking (ABS) and stability control (ESC/ESP) systems may be, they are only as effective as the level of grip provided by the black, round … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Winter Tyres

I think people thought me mad. Seeing a mid-engined sports car out in thick snow, especially a rear wheel drive one earned me more looks and interest than if I'd been driving along with the car in flames. Usually this would be well deserved, my Esprit with open differential would spin up a wheel at the first chance leaving me stuck on even the flat in the cold. The Evora has the advantage of traction control, an electronic diff and most importantly the Evora IPS Long Term Review car is fitted with the original equipment Yokohama W-Drive tyres in 215/40 ZR18 on the … [Read more...]

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