May 23, 2017

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Sport & Paddles

I've driven this particular Evora for the best part of 3 months now and it's certainly got me hooked. Perhaps it's the summer weather (those 3 or 4 sunny days we've had this year!), perhaps it's the fact I'm near the end of the year long loan of Evora's from Lotus or perhaps it's that when in Sport mode and using the paddles this car is hilariously quick and great fun to drive! Whichever it is, I'm finding that 'just popping out for a quick drive' is a common utterance, a destination is not required and just-for-fun driving is the essence of what this car can … [Read more...]

Roger Daltrey designed Evora up for grabs

Fan of The Who? Fan of the Evora? If so, your dream car may be a signature on a fairly large cheque away! Roger Daltrey teamed up with Lotus Cars to produce an Evora S IPS in a unique design paying homage to The Who and mod culture. A fully specced car with all extras including tech pack, premium pack, 19"/20" wheels, heated seats and metallic paint the car retails in excess of £70,000 however you many snap up a bargain and the Bonhams December Sale, held at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey tomorrow, Thursday 1st December. Signed by Roger Daltrey CBE himself, the … [Read more...]

Lotus in Frankfurt – Official Press Release

9am (CET) Tuesday 13th September saw Group Lotus showcase three new cars, two new options and one special limited edition. CEO Dany Bahar was joined by F1 presenter Jake Humphrey to host the Lotus press conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show. More Lotus than ever? You decide…   3 New Models Exige S: Raw performance, mind blowing agility and unparalleled ride and handling, these attributes are what people have come to expect from Lotus. And we don’t like to disappoint. After months of media speculation Group Lotus proudly unveiled the latest addition to the … [Read more...]

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