May 23, 2017

Driven: Lotus Evora Sport 410

I’ll cut straight to it. I absolutely love the Evora Sport 410, probably more than I should. Driving it leaves a deep impression that lingers on for days afterwards. A week later, it remains a clear and vivid memory. The roar, the rush, the pulses through the steering wheel, the precision of the gearbox. But it’s also a car that puts my head in conflict with my heart. A vigourous debate has been raging between them ever since. First of all, our sincere thanks to Sport 410 owner and TLF member RJB for making this drive possible. At the time of writing there were no … [Read more...]

Driven: Lotus Exige Sport 380

In the damp gloom of a British winter you have to wonder why all the cars built here aren’t permanent four-wheel drive. Even more so, how one British manufacturer thought it was a good idea to put a 375bhp V6 in the middle of a diminutive, flyweight, rear wheel drive sports car. We’re getting so blasé about power now but 375bhp is Ferrari F355 horsepower and here it is in an Elise chassis. Speaking from personal experience, that much power could be quite a handful in a car with a dry weight of 1350kg. The Exige Sport 380’s dry weight is a King Harold-slaying 1066kg. … [Read more...]

Elise Cup 250 – Track Test

Ever since going around Brands Hatch in the passenger seat of an Elise Cup 220 (thanks Tom) and having one to myself for an hour on the road (thanks Bell & Colvill) I have had nothing but praise for the flagship Elise. Retaining a delicacy, nimbleness and precision beyond even the Exige V6 and offering the sweetest steering on sale today, I was left deeply impressed. It was that rarest of things - a genuinely track-focused car that works brilliantly on the roads. Having had the uninterrupted joy of five years with a faultless Elise Sports Racer, I think that once … [Read more...]

Driven: Lotus 3-Eleven

You know you're in for a nerve-wracking day when you're due to drive a sub-900kg, sub-3 second to 60mph car on a race track and it's raining, a lot! TLF were invited down to Goodwood Motor Circuit by Bell & Colvill who have just taken delivery of the very first Lotus 3-Eleven to experience the quickest Lotus ever built on a full-on race track. Nerves were set aside as when our time came the sun began to shine and the track mostly dried so we could really get a feel for what this car can do without the added excitement of a slippery surface. If you don't know … [Read more...]

Driven: Exige Sport 350

The name Exige Sport 350 may suggest another special edition. It may also closely resemble the recent Exige Club Racer. No doubt certain quarters of the internet are dusting off their ‘rolling eyes’ emoticons already so let’s clear-up a few misconceptions straight off the bat. It is not a special edition. It is a replacement for the Exige S Coupe and Roadster, so effectively the new ‘entry’ point to the Exige range. It is a lightweight evolution of the Exige S and replaces all other models, including the Club Racer edition. From next March onwards your choice of … [Read more...]

Driven: Evora 400

When the Evora was launched in 2009 it received a raft of 'Car of the Year' awards from the like of Autocar and Evo. Lotus have since updated the car with 130 improvements for the MY2012 model which saw the car mature into a better equipped, more refined version. Now, with the Evora 400, over 70% of components are changed completely or redesigned, this is much more than just a new front and rear bumper! The headline is that the engine now produces 400bhp (up 16% on the Evora S's 345bhp) and 410nm of torque using a supercharger unit with integral chargecooler mounted … [Read more...]

Driven: Elise 220 Cup

It wasn't so long ago that Lotus revealed the Elise S Cup R, an option for those who wanted a brand new car which was ready to go in the various Lotus race series around the world as a factory fresh, straight out of the box fully specced racer. The new Elise 220 Cup is essentially this car but now fully road legal and Type Approved. The full aero package lifted directly from the Cup R is the first and most striking thing you'll notice. Designed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) then tested and fine tuned in the wind tunnel, the aero has many elements to aid … [Read more...]

Driven: Exige S Automatic

"No" the Lotus fan screams at the thought of the manual gearbox taking another step towards obscurity and who would have thought it from their favourite manufacturer! Panic over, the Exige S Automatic from Lotus is an option, not a requirement. The car is Lotus' answer to the swelling markets worldwide and especially Far East where manual cars just aren't the norm. "Pure Driving Pleasure" does help with the involvement of the gear change for sure, but the dynamics of the car will never be enjoyed by a huge chunk of the car buying world without an auto being available. … [Read more...]

Driven: Exige S Roadster

It's been 16 months since we first saw the Exige S with its roof off at the Geneva Salon De L'Automobile in March 2012. Since then Lotus have led us to believe that with the production of the Exige S coupé, quality has risen across the whole supply chain ensuring that the externally supplied components that go to make up the car are as good as they can be, on time and on cost. We had a chance to see this first hand in our first drive of the Exige S Roadster. We drove the Exige S coupé last May and were impressed with the performance of the car to say the least. … [Read more...]

Driven: Exige S

The Lotus Exige has been around since the Elise was made a little more hardcore some 12 years ago. A more track focussed car than it's predecessor the Exige was further updated to the S2 in 2004 and received power boost through a supercharger in 2005 in the shape of the Exige 240r. Lotus sold a supercharged Exige until the end of 2010 when Euro V emissions regulations made the Toyota-sourced 1.8l 2ZZ-GE no longer available in Europe. Fast forward to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011 and Lotus unveiled the new and improved 3.5l V6 supercharged Exige S with a … [Read more...]

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